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I like the TR4 in your picture 1950,

I had 1/1 one with a balanced engine when I meet my wife (I think it was the only reason she when out with me) and I have alway wanted a really nice slot one. I have an Airfix one but it not very good and the chassis was used to help build the Slot Classis Morgan rail car.

I like a really detail one, modelled on one of the Team Truimph Rally cars.


mac pinches
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hi howmet tx the BRM mk1 and 1a was painted in that horrid pale green, they went dark green in53 with the mk 2, the lighter shade was used again by british racing partnerships with the P25 driven by s moss in the mid 50,s. if you go to mark gussin,s site, the first shot of the BRM is the correct shade, the other is too dark.i get my paint mixed by a car finishing coy that make up paints in spray cans to your own spec, i takle in a picture and they match it for me, have a look in yellow pages, sort out a car sprayers, you will find a lot of these people are doing the spray can thing now. some of the "off the shelf" spay cans are near, you can adjust the final shade by a light or dark undercoat, hpoe this helps, kind regards mac p
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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