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It has often been lamented on this forum that there are not enough F1 cars from what many (like myself) consider one of the golden eras; the late 70's and early 80's.

While Scalextric and Fly seem to be slowly producing some models from this time there is not the yet the range. However, one manufacturer did produce a good range of cars from this era….of course I mean Polistil. Now before many of you cry "rubbish quality….blah…blah…blah" I must first make the following clear:

In my opinion they are not great quality but are not too bad
With a bit of TLC they scrub up well (I am sure Ted will agree!)
With Ortmann tyres (35a) they run pretty well
Their scale is close to the 1/32 of the current Scalextric 1976 models
When work is completed they make a pretty good show and even look OK as shelf queens (well maybe!)

Have a look and see what you think…..



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Yeah, the Polistil cars were a revelation when compared to the contemporary Scalextric cars. Detail and performance were in a different league. A bit of weight is required when you remove the magnet. They always seemed small compared to other 1:32 GP cars though, so good to hear that they suit the current cars.

I believe that some of this range were sold in the USA under the Strombecker brand.

Good to hear about the 35a Ortmanns
, I can resurrect mine.

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I have a soft spot for those Polistil cars.I would love to see them re-issued with modern Tampo printing!At the time I thought them rather undersized,but looking at the recent Scalex 312T2 and M23,I'm not so sure....the performance wasn't too shabby either,although the "competition specials" with their mid-mounted guides were a bit strange.I certainly think that people who maybe dismissed them at the time should take another look......
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