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My slot car budget is currently heavily in the red and I need to liquidate some assest so I can continue the new buy buzz! I've a few cars I'm going to sell but here are the ones that are not so easy to find which might be of interest. All MIB although I can't vouch for the provenance of the SM3.

If you are interested drop me a PM and how much you'd be willing to pay (p&p at cost). If I get a decent offer then great, if not ebay here I come!

Haven't got photos of them with me but if there is interest I'll take some and post them here.


1) Fly 917k Gulf Steve McQueen SM3 - I have not removed it from its box it and the person I bought it from says it was MIB and new when they got it
2) Scalextric Kellner GT40 no 68 (German ltd ed 48 (I think) of 2000) C2534A
3) Fly Truck from the sisu/merc set: Sisu SL250 blue
4) Fly Truck from the sisu/merc set: Mercedes Esso red ( these trucks were not available as seperates)
5) Scalextric Holden Commodore (Castrol livery) C2446
6) Scalextric Ford Falcon (Pirtek livery) C2447
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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