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· Alan Tadd
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Excellent John...Can we now look forward to some more "retro cars" pictures.

I'm still looking to try and find some pictures of my old X-frame Daytona.

Calm down Fergy..........(He is easily excited).



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Thanks Julian
I will get back to you about were i went wrong in posting this picture.

In the "teat" picture you can see one of my Tottenham Retro cars. The body is a Lexan Sunset "Autocoast" fitted to my original Bob Hallums Tottenham chassis, the original body was a Kirby Autocoast [i have since located a new unpainted one to fit this chassis].
I have other pictures of various cars which i intend to post just as soon as i have mastered the posting from the photobucket .


· Brian Ferguson
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John, I'm looking forward to more pics! Will you let us see the chassis too, I hope?

QUOTE Kirby Autocoast

One of my fav bodies at the time!

@ BJ - Hey.... I'm old, I'm married, but I'm not dead yet!

I am very interested in seeing as many pictures as possible as you had some really great cars at the Brooklands event.

Best wishes,

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