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The Dallara Red Bull Indy car was released as a Collector Centre Limited edition in the UK. The same cars are freely available in most other countries. The UK cars came with a gold sticker on the box saying Limited Edition of 1000 cars, but I don't know if this was the UK allocation or the worldwide production run. Maybe Adrian could help with this one ?

Don't forget we already had Scalextric cars limited to certain counties, allegedly. The plain white cars for the USA have been available in Europe from most Scalextric distributors and by direct order from Hornby. Even the Australian Holden and Falcon were available through Carson in Germany but not from Hornby in the UK. The Porsche GT3 was made in special versions for France and Switzerland last year, but found their way to most countries or at least dealers in most countries.

Who can know if Hornby's definition of Limited Edition means a small production run or limited to certain areas. They do have a history of giving out different information.
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