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I was trawling through Fleabay last night looking through the kits but couldn't find what I wanted. Had an idea and looked at the electric radio control cars. I was suprised how cheap some were and that they would make great donors for slotcar bodies. Some were priced between £5 and £15, only a few 1/32nd. Here's a list of a few I found but must plenty more as I gave up after 20 mins.
1/43rd Ferari Enzo & 430, Aston DBS, Nissan Skyline, Merc Cl & GLK, Honda Accord & Mitsubishi Evo.

1/32nd Aston DBS, Subaru Imprezza & Corvette

1/24th Audi R8, Q7 & TT,Bugatti Veyron, VW Golf, Range Rover, Aston DBS, BMW 6 Series & Z4, & old and new style Minis.

Quite a lot have interiors and are highly detailed. Might worth a look for some of you
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