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South African Slotcar fans - Knysna Slot Car Challenge

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Knysna Slot Car Challenge

The Knysna Slot Car Challenge will be hosted by the Knysna Slot Car Club and will take the form of an inter-schools challenge with a selection of schools from the area taking part. The event will cater for both schools from in Knysna Town as well as schools from previously disadvantaged areas.

This will allow young children from all walks of life to experience the thrill of high speed motorsport based action - in many cases for the first time in their lives. It is the intention of the club to convert them into fans for life.

Participation is encouraged from all schools and scholars that have an interest in motorsport, slot cars or who are just curious. There is no charge for entry and slot cars will be provided.

The Knysna Slot Car Club, and its championship quality race track, is situated in the Oude Fabriek Building, Main Street, Knysna (above old Marine Pharmacy). Refreshments are available. The track is open from 14h00 hours to 17h00 on 16, 17 and 18 May.

For non-South Africans: Knysna is a coastal town down on the South coast on South Africa's Garden Route.

The Knysna Slot Car Challenge is part of the The Knysna Speed Festival. This years Knysna Speed Festival takes place on the 13-22 May 2011 and is sure to entertain any and all speed lovers from all across South Africa for a week of pure adrenalin and fun filled action for the whole family.
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Hi Doug.
Having been born in what used to be Rhodesia and having lived in S.Africa for about 13 years, I wish I'd known about slot car racing in those days. I'd love to have joined your club. I was in a band playing music in Sedgefield for about a year, so could easily have popped across to join you.
I wish you all the best, and hope one day to visit.

Good luck for your event. A great idea to recruit members. We need to do the same over here.

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