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SP43 Chips not working

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Hi Guys first time poster here and i don't know if this has been covered already but i've scoured the internet and couldn't find answers.

My club recently had a race on my digital carrera track where all of us were running sp43 chipped cars on our slot.its or ScaleAuto cars. We were having fun when we decided to add some carrera ghost cars to spice it up.

But we mistakenly left all our cars on the track when coding and before you know it all of our sp43 chipped cars blacked out. no leds blinking, and we can't recode the cars. I've tried to hard reset my carrera track and still no led blinks coming from our cars.

Any idea what happened and how i can fix it?
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Try programming just one car (all others off track) and hold the LC button for a good 10 seconds. I think I remember someone else doing that to fix it.
Hi @MrFlippant thanks so much for the feedback. unfortunately no results from it. really hope we didnt blow the chip or something
@MrFlippant again thanks so much for the feedback, but i've discovered how to fix the problem.

i removed all attached controllers bluetooth and wireless dongles save for one wired controller into tower 1 and coded it as one normally would and that seemed to solve it.
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Well done and thanks for sharing, will probably be useful info for others.
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