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Special sections/features for raid/rally layouts.

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Now that I have dismantled my Little Monaco layout I am starting to plan my next project. After I get into my new workshop I want to route a raid/rally layout. I want it to include several features that you would not normally find on a scalextrix/snap track kind of layout. Any suggestions? Is there a site that specializes in raid/rally type racing & tracks & track building?

I once had a ninco off road layout but for me it was a little too rough too much of the time. Plus I made a couple of the hills just too difficult to negotiate on a regular basis. What raid/rally features have you tried to incorporate into your layouts? What worked? What didn't?

Thanks in advance!
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A couple of must haves for me when I get around to building a rally track:
i) A water crossing - dip down into a shallow ford
ii) Yumps - not a proper rally track without a few little yumps (landing area must be well planned)

A bit of a winding climb would also be good.
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