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Greg Gaub
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Can you include more information for those who aren't "in the loop?"
Was there a more complete description of this elsewhere that I missed? If so, please direct me there, as this concept intrigues me.
If not, then these are some of the questions that immediately spring to mind:

Where is the test app? Is that something you send out, or is it on the web site?
Does this require the use of a Lane Brain?
Is the LED spacing the same as for lap counting or lane changing, or does one need to set up a lane brain specifically for speed testing?
If the spacing is not the same as for other functions, is there a way to reconfigure the test app so that any installed lane brain can be used for speed testing?
If a lane brain is not required, what is the best way to power the LEDs, and what kind of LEDs should they be?
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