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QUOTE Even being almost a third wider?

As a designer yourself, any idea why they would have done that? It's not like they needed the extra width for motor or chassis (like in a lot of F1 models), and the Speedking's tread doesn't even use the extra width...
Hard to tell of course like 45 years later but even then there were copyright laws that said that anything different by 10% was not considered a copy and was exempt from prosecution. I seriously doubt that the Chinese in Hong Kong or the Japanese designers at TP even cared about copyright laws (they still do not to this day!) so there must have been other reasons but your guess is as good as mine.
Either way, it is quite clear that their inspiration and basic pattern was stolen from the Monogram model...

Not like if there was anything new on Planet Earth!

The sad thing for us of course is that none of that plagieurism led to a larger 1/24 scale model of this great Cooper sports car, so we are left with the Pactra and lancer vac bodies that are fortunately beautiful.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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