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The new 205 from Spirit. Fine in the track.

Enjoy it

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Having gone back and watched a couple of contemporary video tapes of the 205T16 in action, I have an observation or two to make.

The Spirit model is a bit of an oddity - This we already know, but I'll go on to explain

The car is a pretty good likeness of a very late spec evo2 model tarmac car.

If this is the case, it lacks the evo2's upper rear aero package (bloomin' great spoiler!).

Having first hand experience of what a forest/gravel spec evo2 looks like (whilst I was a timekeeper on the 1986 RAC Rally) The Spirit model is definitely *NOT* one of those.

The Spirit model appears to have been designed with one purpose - To annihilate the opposition in the Spanish Group N category rallyslot championships, by incorporating as standard (ie homologating) features not normally fitted to rallyslot grp N cars - drop arm guide, alloy wheels, interchangeable motor mounts, and allegedly there is provision made for fitting direct (not elastic band) drive to the front axle a la SCX 4WD rally cars.

So... If you view this car as a sort of "FLY Racing" model made for the rally stage it's not sooo bad, but if the modelmaker had presented it as an accurate scale model of a 205T16, I'd have sent him back for another go

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