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I know that Spirit cars can be a bit erm, variable but I could not resist a BMW 2002 at £25.

So now that I have (been or should be) committed what should I do to it when it arrives (other than put it on the shelf) ?

I would appreciate your experiences in terms of best tyres to use etc.

The car will be run nomag (natch'

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depends which wheels it has.
if they are the "steel" wheels, they are likely wobbly, out-of-round, & need to be addressed. the tires on these will need to be glued & trued.
if it has the BBS wheels they may need a little truing.
i have shaved the inside of the wheel arches to allow for movement & aftermarket tires.
i run no-mag so i put either an NC-2 or NC-5 in them.
the guide, braids, & lead wires are awful, i have replaced the braid & wires in all of mine.

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Front axle needs to be narrowed a bit and some weight needs to be added. Mine ran terribly when I got it but when I realized that the gearwheel was fouling on the pinion and did a small bit of sanding, the performance was transformed. It is very fast and handles (with the stock magnet in place which, I think, doesn't do much at all as it's mounted up front) nice and 'slidey'. Tried some silicones on it but didn't like how it handled (rear end better behaved but car not as much fun to drive and was now prone to rolling, I guess due to sticky tyres and high centre of gravity) nor how it looked.

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I bought a used one.
The front axle grubs screws were ineffectual after someones abuse and the wheels were horrible.
The best bit was an NC2 which had been fitted.

I eventually got some urethanes glued and trued on the rear and the fronts trued (hudy).
It was a sweet handling car....this was the white livery with blue and red stripes.

I sold it to the US after a few months.

I would like to start with a BNIB car though.
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