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Spirit BMW 2002

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I know that Spirit cars can be a bit erm, variable but I could not resist a BMW 2002 at £25.

So now that I have (been or should be) committed what should I do to it when it arrives (other than put it on the shelf) ?

I would appreciate your experiences in terms of best tyres to use etc.

The car will be run nomag (natch'
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depends which wheels it has.
if they are the "steel" wheels, they are likely wobbly, out-of-round, & need to be addressed. the tires on these will need to be glued & trued.
if it has the BBS wheels they may need a little truing.
i have shaved the inside of the wheel arches to allow for movement & aftermarket tires.
i run no-mag so i put either an NC-2 or NC-5 in them.
the guide, braids, & lead wires are awful, i have replaced the braid & wires in all of mine.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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