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Spirit Dalalara Sebring

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Greetings. I´d like present you the last newness of Spirit,
one of the last but most important Spanish manufacturers of Slot cars.
Impressive isn´t it?

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The truth is that i don`t know. At the moment that they are going to commercialize a model of rally in few months and new decorations for Dallara.
No, it`s not a racing version but it could be anyway. All the parts are same like Racing versions except the rims, in this case, made of plastic and in the other`s made in alluminium. But all the rest of parts are exactly the same.
However, the weight of this car is underneath the Reynard, and can be equipped with the optional lexan cockpit and so reduce a couple or three Grs the weight.
Here in Spain there are a lot of drivers who affirm that Dallara, so and as it leaves the box, is a little bit faster than Reynard Full Competition.
Tonight we will prove in our new circuit a pair of units of each car.
QUOTE Any info on when we in the States can get our hands on these?The Racing Reynards and the Dallara?I've emailed Gaugemaster and was told not in stock but it available from your site????
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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