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Sponge tires

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From time to time I read people refer to sponge tires and have often wondered what they were all about.I have never laid eyes on any! Could anyone enlighten me?
Pro`s and Con`s?
How good are they compared to rubber or urethanes?
Where can you get them from?
do they fit all cars?
any link to websites that have info on them?
etc etc

cheers, Dave
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Very interesting that, thanks guys... how does that apply to the original "German" sponge tires (actually model airplane tires with the skin taken off) and the later "closed-cell spongies" that most of us know?

The drawback to the sponge tires is of course that they do dry out relatively rapidly, so have to be replaced, besides the fact that they wear out a lot faster.

However, there's also a much denser type of sponge, like that used on the White Point cars, that seems to work on wood tracks without requiring anything except cleaning, and also doesn't seem to dry out as quickly (I still occasionally run on the same pair I originally mounted about 10 years ago!). Not sure how these do on plastic track tho...

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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