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Sponge tires

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From time to time I read people refer to sponge tires and have often wondered what they were all about.I have never laid eyes on any! Could anyone enlighten me?
Pro`s and Con`s?
How good are they compared to rubber or urethanes?
Where can you get them from?
do they fit all cars?
any link to websites that have info on them?
etc etc

cheers, Dave
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QUOTE (RichD @ 10 Jul 2011, 14:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I raced at commercial 1/24th raceways for years and sponge tires are used exclusivly on those. The tires come glued and trued on metal rims. Without using some sort of tire conditioner spongies are nearly useless, which is one reason that they are seldom seen on home tracks. A few years ago we were hosting a proxy race and one of the cars had sponge tires. As I had expected the car had very poor grip. Just for kicks I treated the tires with suntan lotion, which was a great improvement. The suntan lotion did not last as long as traction compound would have, but it does not make a mess out of the track like traction compound does when it is used in excess.

I bought lots of Parma metal chassis sponge tyre cars in the 80's with a view to running them on classic scalextric track. They were next to useless. Then after I joined Larkfield Raceway a few years ago I discovered that you could actually buy the goop that the tyres need to perform. They were brilliant! Just up to the point that the sliding rear ends deposited enough goop on the rails to stop the cars from working. They are designed for routed wooden tracks and that is where they should stay IMHO
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