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Sponge tires

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From time to time I read people refer to sponge tires and have often wondered what they were all about.I have never laid eyes on any! Could anyone enlighten me?
Pro`s and Con`s?
How good are they compared to rubber or urethanes?
Where can you get them from?
do they fit all cars?
any link to websites that have info on them?
etc etc

cheers, Dave
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Hi Dave
What sort of cars are you running?
Chances are that if you have never seen sponge tyres, you are not running the sort of cars that suit sponge tyres.

Sponge tyres produce way more grip than rubber or urethanes.
On a car that can make good use of that grip that's an advantage. Usually they run on metal chassis cars raced on routed tracks. High performance slot cars just about always use sponge tyres.
On a home set style a plastic chassis car, most likely the extra grip of sponge tyre is a disadvantage - they'll just tip out in corners.

Sponge tyres can be in bought either as blanks or ready glued onto hubs and trued to the most popular sizes. The blanks can be glued onto just about any hubs and true them up to whatever size you want. So yes they will fit just about any car, but its not necessarily a good idea on some sorts of car.

All the stockists of high performance slot car parts sell sponge tyres - for example
Won o Won
B Slotcar
AB Slotsport.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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