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Hi to all, I have just joined the forum today, and have recently purchased a digital scalextric set.

I wanted to ask people about the corner lane change, I am not totally sure if mine is broken?

The problem being is the metal that changes the lane is very loose, should it be like this or very tight, I did buy the
set from eBay.

I think it is stopping the cars from working on the track, as it is confusing the sensor. The part that moves
very easily is the pointed part of the change lane.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated



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I have clc that I chopped about to act as a pit in changer,the flipper is very loose on this as well but as long as the senser is kept free from dust and also the one on the car it works very nicely.

A good session with the vacum all over the track works wonders for reliable digital racing.

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Thanks Ade, thankyou for the advice. I will get the vacuum cleaner out on the track and see how it all goes....

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Hi Marc ....... welcome to the forum
Another thing to watch out for is placing the sensor under a fluorescent lamp, or a window with bright sunlight. These and some other lamps trigger the optical sensor and causes random actions to occur on the flipper.

Oh ..... the actual flipper is not powered
so you will be stranded if you do stop a car on it .....
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