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wouldn't it be a great idea for scalextric to produce special rally track pieces. not everyone likes to cover his track with "real" snow or mud. the sportrack already is very smooth and very good to slide, so the only thing they have to do is give their trackpieces a rally look.
take a look at scx and their new very nice looking lakes set. what you really miss are the snowcurves in r1, r3 and r4.
Image youself a digital Andros Trophy kind of track with the possibillity of all rally cars (who are solid and therefore ideal for digital racing at home in my opinion).
Come on scalextric, i think there are much more possibillities to try to make slotracing even more popular. Sliding with good solid cars might be even a better choice than balancing a beautifull gp bike.
off course everybody can paint his track at his own choice, but think about a major group of peple that likes the rtr tracks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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