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Hi All,

I recently purchased sport world, but as my track is not finished yet, I haven't had a chance to use It. In the scalextric digital section there is a discussion going on about the software simualting weather effects. I know Sport World is supposed to do this. Anyone can give us a hint how and If It works ? Things sound promising reading this review from a 5-6 years back;

In our test race the chaps at Scalextric set it to rain half way through. With the announcement of rain (the black box even talks), our car reacted differently. A pit stop later to get on some wet tyres (virtual) and as it happens fuel (yes your car will stop if you don't) we had more grip and could continue racing. The idea of bringing in the elements brings a whole new level to the standard slot car racing and one that is truly amazing. No longer is it just a boring track that you can master, but one that can change and test you every time.

Looking forward to some insights from users. Thanks !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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