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Spot the Difference

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how to make a silk purse from a sows ear...

Grille removed and mesh added (no not your mesh thomas!
), partly to remove body weight. I reckon I can reduce the heavy body more by replacing the rear and side grilles also.

The whole body sits lower, front tryes are original Carrera but reduced in diameter.

Venturi fins are now back on the righthand car, I didn't see them fall off before taking the pic
Both front and rear inserts were made by cutting down the existing Carrera wheels ( sorry Al, that means no inserts from this particular car)

and all is revealed, Slot.It HRS chassis and running gear, original Carrera lights with the Overdrive adaptor kit for permenant lights.

The car is smooth, responsive and fast with or without magnet. Braking is good and with the version trimmed with a little front end weight (it lifts like a dragster on hard acceleration without weight) it is still a mere 98 grams total. compared with 110 grams for the stock Carrera. I think the removal of the rest of the grilles will see another 5 or 6 grams weight loss.
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not working for me either right now, must be a server traffic prob, will get Nuro to take a look see. Yes it is the 575.

Apart from being out of sidewinder mounts

I also wanted to try it inline first so it is the same set up as the original so I could see exactly what the difference was. Easy to change over if and when I want to test that setup.

I actually beat the one mag (large centre one) times over a couple of laps today with the no mag Slot.It chassis which DID suprise me.
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No, it is the Slot.It 29k with 10/26 gearing.
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