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Thought I would share with you, that at last I have manged to update my site and have added a page with many many Pics from the 60's to the 90's of sports car racing in South Africa.
The Series was known as the Springbok series from 65 to 73, whereupon it died as a result of thr petrol crisis from those years. The mainstay race in this series was the Rand Daily Mail 9 hour (where I spent many many happy times) held at the the (then) great Kyalami track (now a mere shadow of its former glory due to commercialisation and the selling off of its property), as well as races at Killarney in Cape Town, Roy Hesketh in Pietermaritzburg (near Durban), as well as races in Luanda - Angola, and Lourenco Marques in Mozambique. The nine hour continued into the 80's after the series died, before becomming a 1000km's race (+/- 6hours) and then dying away in the very early nineties.

Will be adding about 50 more pic's in the next few days - hope you enjoy some of these great great cars

PS - 2 cars of interest and as far as I know, did not race anywhere else but their home countries, are the Nissan Skyline Twin Turbo (developed 600bhp+) and the Ferrari 308 Biturbo of Finotto.........
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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