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Spy pics of the forthcoming Drayson Lola

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5 Drayson Lola n.11 CA22a.

Unofficial and taken in poor conditions like all spy pictures
We expect official pictures next week.

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You said it snurfen, straight to the top of my wish list!!

Simply stunning!!! do you have any estimated release dates for us??

I'll take a drayson and also a rebellion to add to the collection.

I hope you'll also considering another manufacturer for the lola's to go up against.


QUOTE ( @ 27 Dec 2011, 03:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Estimated date - end of February to mid March.
Of course we have our own Audi R18 which is being tooled and looks great, plus another LMP for 2013.


Thanks Maurizio!!

Already can't wait for for the Lola's, and that makes my choice of NSR or Le mans miniature Audi R 18 so much easier - Neither:)

You'll have to let us know what the other LMP will be, looking forward to another year of great cars!


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QUOTE ( @ 31 Dec 2011, 20:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>moulds for a new, yet not announced GT (end of 90's) is ready and news will be released in January. From the Le Mans rules point of view, it is a GT1, so in 2012 will launch two LMPs (Lola, Audi R18), a GT1, a gr.C (Lancia LC2 85). It's four completely new moulds. Besides, revisions of two existing classic cars are planned, as well as a deeply revised existing gr.C.

Happy New year indeed!!

Looking forward to the announcement of the new GT1 in the comming weeks =)

Revised releases are also most welcome, especially the group C which is a favourite class of mine. Having just come back to slot racing last year since being a kid I have missed many great releases and liveries which i would love to add into my collection.

Many thanks,
1 - 4 of 102 Posts
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