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Spy pics of the forthcoming Drayson Lola

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5 Drayson Lola n.11 CA22a.

Unofficial and taken in poor conditions like all spy pictures
We expect official pictures next week.

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This car is scheduled for end of February / early March. For the Rebellion #13, it is also a 2012 release. A sample will be shown at the Nuernberg toy fair.
There's more to the picture than meets the eye and it will be disclosed in due time.

Yes the white kits allow mounting the car as inline.
Suspension can be use even in the RTR, Flat 6 car.

Motor: Flat-6
Gearing:11 /28
Brass Z11 gear, Al/Plastic Z28 AW gear

Weight of painted body: 15.5g
Weight of RTR model (with magnet): 75g
Wheelbase: 91mm
Wheelbase from rear wheel center to pickup clip center: 109mm
Width 63.5
Length 143mm (without rear wing)
Height (from bottom of car) 32.5mm

The crown gear is hidden under the rear left wheel arch.
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IMO the gear of the plastic AW gear is as good as the metal ones. Maybe it's a matter of personal taste but I prefer the plastic ones to the metal.
I can't lift the hood just yet! One more week of patience.
Sorry, I may have created some confusion here.
1 - The transmission is a spur AW gear, code GA1628PL, coupled with a 11 teeth 6.5mm pinion PS11. From this point of view, the car does not differ much from a RAW (Racing AngleWinder), except fot the motor (Flat-6, not Flat-6 R), and the motor mount which is new but not dissimilar from the standard AW motor mount. The main difference is the material, slightly softer due to manufacturing necessities, and the new cradle for magnet (or tungsten ballast) which is positioned right under the rear axle.
2 - We have shown elsewhere pictures of the two different bodies, the other one being capable of accepting the Boxer motors and inlince crwons in a 'conventional' way.

Savage is correct. The 'enlarged' body fits the Boxer as well as V12 motor, inline. For the V12, the soldering tabs must be bent upwards and the wires should run on top of the motor.
No, not a Boxer in AW: tempting fort the sake of speed, but the Boxer AW would require an obscene alteration of the lines of the car itself.

The Lola is a fast, and forgiving car.

I am very happy of what we've been able to achieve. Even happier when the new Flat 6s will be out.
However, as we say in Italy - this is the pub's owner telling you that the food is good

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Actually yes, Emanuele Pirro is a good friend and we like to make cars he drove, with his helmet. He's also a regular of the championship (either as a driver or a guest) when we are in Rome.

I think this the video you are referring to:

Look at how private team Dryson's Lola driven by Emanuele Pirro first easily overtakes the Lola Aston Martin, then outsmarts a Peugeot ... at right after 3'00
for those who missed it...

we have Italiaslot's permission to use the pictures, so here are a few of the most interesting:

the new patented pickup system makes it possible to keep the nose of the car as it is, and move the guide forward as much as possible:
this is how get get 109mm of distance between pickup clip and rear axle...

The magnet goes in the best possible place: tight under the rear axle. Good place for tungsten ballast, too!

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QUOTE (Savage @ 26 Dec 2011, 09:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Interesting ... It does beg more questions though ...
How deep is the guide ?
Will there be deeper wooden guide replacements available ?
What is the maximum rotation angle ?
Does this arrangement still give a "self centering" effect ?
Is that a 1mm offset Evo 6 motor cradle ?

Same depth as the 'advanced blade' guide which is standard now on all cars.
Yes we are making a deeper guide for wood and Carrera track.
Rotation angle around 67° - 65° off my head.
The self centering effect is a matter of routing cables, I reckon. Good question.
Yes 1mm offset EVO 6 cradle, new tooling with magnet cradle right below the axle, will also be available as 0.0 and 0.5 offset.
QUOTE (90s F1 Kid @ 26 Dec 2011, 10:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Maurizio,

Simply stunning!!! do you have any estimated release dates for us??

I'll take a drayson and also a rebellion to add to the collection.

I hope you'll also considering another manufacturer for the lola's to go up against.



Estimated date - end of February to mid March.
Of course we have our own Audi R18 which is being tooled and looks great, plus another LMP for 2013.

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I can't tell you yet what the next LMP will be, as it would be too early. Regarding the Audi R18 by, moulds will not be ready before Nuernberg
, which is where we'll be showing the final prototype. This will probably be interesting as you may be able to judge the differences from existing R18s. However, moulds for a new, yet not announced GT (end of 90's) is ready and news will be released in January. From the Le Mans rules point of view, it is a GT1, so in 2012 will launch two LMPs (Lola, Audi R18), a GT1, a gr.C (Lancia LC2 85). It's four completely new moulds. Besides, revisions of two existing classic cars are planned, as well as a deeply revised existing gr.C.
LMP is going to be a major product line for All LMP cars will share the same guide design, as well as the double body concept: one to reproduce faithfully the racing car, Flat 6 AW only, another with enough space to mount Boxer and V12 type motor inline.

A happy 2012 to all readers
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Open cockpit Lola - I cannot rule this out even though I'm not particularly in love with open cockpit cars. But that's not something we're working on.
Anyway, sooner or later we'll make an open cockpit car.

Regarding the next GT1, you've actually restricted the search to the right cars, one of which is ready. I hope in due course to make them all btw... I just need to be back home before releasing the information on which car this is.

There's a test drive of the Lola,made by Giacomo of Italiaslot, linked via Slotforum Italiaslot RSS feed
Sorry you can't understand Italian, maybe google can help
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Another future livery. Btw all this 1:1 Lola needs now is a pickup and braid

For those who asked: yes a small number of Lola white kits are being released these days in Italy. These have been released to be used in some local championships that are important to the Italian racers.
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I am so sorry - but we had to keep this limited to Italy only
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I think the news will be out today... We are releasing the brochure with all the 2012 cars to the distributors.

No sorry. Brochure's been delayed, it should be today, hopefully...
I apologize. We are packing the boxes for Nuernberg and they must be ready by tomorrow night - so we could not send out the brochure to the distributors, and they must get it first.
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