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Spy pics of the forthcoming Drayson Lola

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5 Drayson Lola n.11 CA22a.

Unofficial and taken in poor conditions like all spy pictures
We expect official pictures next week.

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I don't care if I have to raid the kids piggy banks, I want will get this
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Oh Yes ! Flat 6 aw as standard, I want it even more now

Re the Plastic gears, I cant comment on mesh, as I haven't yet tried the Slot It plastic gears, but I did think they would cost less as an aftermarket part, or maybe get 2 for the same price as one alu ?
For that reason I will still buy the alu ones unless I need the narrower boss of the plastic ones TBH.

The only downside is I need to wait until March for it !
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QUOTE (bigmarv27 @ 21 Dec 2011, 07:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So it will be able to take a Flat 6 Inline Pod but not a Inline Mabuchi Pod for your Stock 21,5K Orange Cam Motor.

QUOTE ( @ 19 Dec 2011, 17:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>We have shown elsewhere pictures of the two different bodies, the other one being capable of accepting the Boxer motors and inlince crwons in a 'conventional' way.

I would say if it can fit a Boxer inline, it'll fit the Mabuchi size too

I presume however, not a Boxer in AW ... that would need a different body again
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New Flat 6 ? oooh, can you divulge more ?
Can't wait till this car is out
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Interesting ... It does beg more questions though ...
How deep is the guide ?
Will there be deeper wooden guide replacements available ?
What is the maximum rotation angle ?
Does this arrangement still give a "self centering" effect ?
Is that a 1mm offset Evo 6 motor cradle ?
Excellent, thank you Sir for taking the time to answer
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I almost missed this:

QUOTE ( @ 26 Dec 2011, 16:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Of course we have our own Audi R18 which is being tooled and looks great, plus another LMP for 2013.

Great news, I look forward to these too
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Babelfish translated page in English :

Word for word translations are a bit odd, but you get the idea ... this interests me "Practically between fifteen or so days we will be able to have the versions white women to paint, while it remains the April-May forecast for that with the official livery who you see in photo".

Two weeks for a white version, a week to ship, so maybe in under a month for white kit to UK ?
I think maybe wishful thinking, but maybe Maurizio can clarify ?
And will the first white kit release be the aw version ?
Awww... none to make their way to the UK in time for my first open GT meet on Feb 3rd

The Scalauto Radical (with mostly parts) has to enter a second season for now then, I'll see if the Lola can dethrone it when it's out
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QUOTE ( @ 25 Dec 2011, 22:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>for those who missed it...


My only reservation about this car is the guide, I fear limited rotational travel ...
How is the wire attached to the braid ?
I should have asked one of the SF reporters to give me a guide limit shot like they did on one of the carreras
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According to Slot.It website the braid is just the regular "sp18".
I very much doubt it is soldered, that would be a pain !
The braid is enclosed in the hollow part of the guide, you have a small hole to insert the wire, Going to be tricky to get a soldering iron in !

The more I look at it, the more I wish they dont "fix" things which aren't broken .. wood or standard guide, snug fitting eyelets and plenty of rotation. I never had any issues with that setup myself

The new chassis would need chopping about to be retrofitted ... progress huh

Pssst ... you forgot to paint the side windows Ian
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OK I see, it has a slot on top, it becomes clearer now

Thanks Ian, that looks neater than the second option ... ewww !
More kerfuffle than enough though !
Perhaps you could tin the braid, punch a hole as per the instructions, then fit an eyelet in ...

And it looks like the rotation isn't as restricted as I first thought.
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