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After looking at David Lawson's Escort Club Racer build I decided to build a similar racer for just having fun.

I didn't have any Escort MKI laying around so I decided to have a go at the SRC Capri.

Managed to locate a white kit that on paper looked excellent.

The kit comes with an advanced chassis from OSC in SW configuration.

However it is has several issues and I opted for a olifer chassis.

One of the nice thing about the Chrono version is that nice vac formed interior.

It is very well detailed and the pilot has a proper head!!!

I added a roll cage from some scrap material of my spare part bin.

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After a while, the olifer chassis got here. It fits perfectly.

I decided to go for a IL configuration because there is not much clearance for the rear wheels under the body.

The rear wheel diameter needs to be quite small (close to 18mm) and in the original SW configuration the spurgear was occasionally touching the track.

I am using a zero offset pod with the new Sideways 17K motor that comes with the Lambo.

Very nice motor, by the way.

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The body was painted with a model master spray can followed by a super glossy clearcote of the same brand.

The paint was a bit rough under the touch so I sanded down a bit to give a smooth finish.

The I used some spare decals for a simple fantasy livery.

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And finally putting all together (I still need to put those nice inserts in the wheels) and a quick cote with Klear (brushed).

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