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This conversion is one of the simpler ones. SRC have made a nice model so rather than replace all the rear end detail I have opted to keep it. This does mean that the large cylinder covering the original crowngear remains present but overall I think this is a reasonable compromise.

You will need:
Wide body complete Policar pod
Donor SRC Mclaren M23
Guide: we recommend part CH85
Some thin lead wire and eyelets/grub screws to your choice
Optional 4 grub screws for front axle height adjustment (2mm length)
3D printed chassis available here:
Ensure you buy the SRC chassis not the Scalextric chassis.

You will also need a Policar front axle assembly:
A pair of plastic front wheels
A pair of 1088 mould front tyres

You can use the donor car rear wheel and tyre combination. I have found that the wheels have an oversized bore making them sit eccentrically on the axle but this bug may not affect all of the SRC cars.

Alternative wheel and tyre combinations include: F1 aluminium wheels PA20-als with tyres 1068 mould tyres.
Ostorero rear wheels and tyres from their Lotus 79
Nonnoslot rear wheel and tyres from their F1 range
PCS large F1 rear wheel and tyre combination from Pendle Slot Racing

The design diameter is 20mm, some of the above are above that up to 21mm.


Remove the four screws under the chassis of the Mclaren.

Cut off the top of the soldered plugs holding the radiator grilles in place on the donor chassis. Pull off the two grilles.

Straighten the grilles so they are properly at 90deg. and set aside.

Take the 3d printed chassis. Screw on the gearbox using 4 screws (not supplied).

Solder on the mesh grilles ensuring they are mounted as far to the rear as possible:

Wood Automotive exterior Auto part Font Metal

Fit guide, wires etc. And ensure the guide rotates freely but without wobble. File out the printed hole if necessary, using a round needle file.

Assemble the Policar front axle onto the car ensuring the axle rotates freely.

Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Automotive wheel system

Begin to test fit it into the SRC donor body. The rearmost screw, at the back of the gearbox is not quite going to align but the other three body screws will so use these as a guide as you begin to cut the gearbox of the SRC down for the Policar gearbox to fit to.

Cut the areas around the rear axle off the gearbox. This before and after shot should help with this:

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Cut small amounts at a time until everything fits snuggly.

You will need to cut the rear mounting hole and surrounding plastic down about half a mm to get a fully flat fit.

Cut off the driver's seat and trim the underside of his bottom and legs as shown.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Bumper Aircraft

Motor vehicle Hood Guitar accessory Font Automotive tire

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The idea is that the chassis sits so that its edges fit perfectly within the donor body. In this way the three forward (not not the one at the back of the gearbox) screw holes will align.

Before starting to cut I would recommend removal of the extremely fragile suspension parts as this will give you better access for cutting and prevent them from being damaged.

Once everything is cut properly the two parts should sit together comfortably. Use a set up block to check everything is square and aligned.

Sewing machine Circuit component Electronic instrument Machine Auto part

Rotate the rear axle to make sure the crown is not fouling the body too.

To assemble and disassemble the exhausts need to be poked through between the rear axle and the bottom radius rods from the donor car and then the chassis assembly pulled forwards.

Use the original or alternative screws to fit the new chassis to the body.


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Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Car


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Very nice. :) How great is the performance enhancement of all this hard work?

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Well Gaz, its going to depend on your track, size, material, controller, whether you normally run magnets etc. but I would say 'considerable'.


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I don't that too many people use magnets on Formula One cars. Those aerofoils look ripe for breaking at the silly grip levels & speeds provided by magnets.
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