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The MRSlotcar.CA Mazda 787B has a 21k motor and the designer, Ernie Mosetti, has chipped them with Scalextric in-car chips with no problems. This is with magnets.

It's not about RPM, it's about the current the motor draws. A poorly maintained 18k motor with extra magnet will probably pull more current than a free-revving 23k motor with no magnets to create drag/rolling resistance. There are undoubtedly differences between different manufacturers' motors at any given RPM. Voltage will also make a difference.

What I am saying is there is no easy answer to this question as there is no easy way to determine the current any particular motor will draw on any particular setup under the heaviest load that circuit can offer.

We can be sure that a 30k motor is likely to fry chips but where the EXACT line is -is very hard to determine. Electronic components also have manufacturing tolerances - often as high as 5% either way so a motor that is on the edge might blow one chip but be perfectly OK with another.

I came across a thread on SlotForum the other day (sorry - can't easily find it again) that shows a fairly straightforward component upgrade on the in-car chip to increase its tolerance to current surges (capacitor upgrade I think).

I would be inclined to try the chip - but I would personally be prepared to sacrifice it/write it off in my mind. If you can do that then give it a go. Make sure the motors are running freely (tiny amount of lube if needed) and also lube the gears. The easier it is for the running gear to turn the less peak current it will draw and for less time.
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