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Many Thanks to Tileguy who has created this index.


If you have chipped a car and it is not on here please post in the SSD Chipping Database, with photos if possible and it will be added to this index.

RAID.jpg - RAID & Rally car camera.jpg - Photographs Lighting.jpg - With lights

How To Chip a Car The Making of a Ferrite-Man Mounting the LED

Bugatti Veyron chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Lamborghini Countach chippy Saloon.jpg
Lamborghini Countach chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Lamborghini Diablo GTR chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Lamborghini Murcielago chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Peugeot 206 chippy F1.jpg
Subaru Impreza WRC chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg

Aston Martin DB5 chippy F1.jpg
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish chippy Saloon.jpg camera.jpg
Audi A4 DTM chippy Saloon.jpg camera.jpg
Dodge Charger chippy Saloon.jpg camera.jpg
2006 Dodge Charger SRT 8, USA Police Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Farrari 575 GTC - Evolution chippy Saloon.jpg
Ford Mustang chippy Saloon.jpg
Ford Hot Rods 1:32 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ford Hot Rods 1:32 chippy Saloon.jpg camera.jpg Lighting.jpg
Ford Hot Rods 1:32 (Willys "High Performance") ) chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Jaguar D Type chippy F1.jpg
A6GS Maserati chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Maserati MC12 (?) Chip
Maserati MC12 chippy Saloon.jpg camera.jpg Lighting.jpg
Carrera 67 Ford Mustang GT chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Peugeot 307 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Carrera Plymouth Road Runner chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Porsche GT chippy Saloon.jpg
Mercedes C Class DTM chippy Saloon.jpg camera.jpg

Mobile 1 NSX Saloon Chip.

Alfa 147 Saloon Chip
Alfa 147 GTA Saloon Chip RAID.jpg
Alfa 156 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Alfa Giulia GTAm 1970 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Audi Quattro chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Audi Quattro Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
BMW M1 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
BMW 320i E46 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
BMW 3.5 CSL chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Capri chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Capri Saloon Chip camera.jpg Lighting.jpg
Racing Capri Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Chrysler Viper chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Corvette LeMans safety Car chippy F1.jpg Lighting.jpg
Corvette Saloon Chip
Corvette chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Corvette chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ferrari F40 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Ferrari F40 2 x chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ferrari 250GTO chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ferrari 365 GTB " Daytona" 6h. Watkins Glen 1974 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ferrari 512 Berlinetta chippy F1.jpg
Ferrari 512S chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ford GT40 Mk1 chippy F1.jpg
Track Lancia Beta Montecarlo chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Lancia 037 Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Lola B98 chippy F1.jpg
Lola T70 chippy F1.jpg
MAN TR1400 Truck chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
March 761 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Marcos LM600 chippy F1.jpg
Mercedes-Benz Atego Truck Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Panoz LMP-1 Saloon Chip
Porsche 908/2 chippy F1.jpg
Porsche 908/3 chippy F1.jpg
Porsche 908 Flunder chippy F1.jpg
Porsche 911S MonteCarlo 1978 Rally Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Porsche 911 Carrera chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Porsche 917 chippy F1.jpg
Porsche 917 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Porsche GT1 98 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Racing Porsche GT1 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Porsche Carrera 6 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Porsche GT Daytona chippy F1.jpg
Saleen S7 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Trucks chippy F1.jpg
Viper Saloon Chip

MB Slot
BBR Ferrari F430 Challenge Saloon Chip camera.jpg

Porsche Carrera chippy F1.jpg
Aston Martin DB5 chippy F1.jpg
Cobra chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Clubman's Porsche Carrerra 6 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Toyota Celica chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg

Ascari Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Austin Healey chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Austin Healey MkIII chippy F1.jpg
BMW X5 Raid chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Corvette Hardtop chippy F1.jpg p camera.jpg
Ferrari F50 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
1958 Ferrari Testarossa chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ferrari 166MM chippy F1.jpg
Ford Focus Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Gallardo chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Go Karts chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Honda NSX JGTC Saloon Chip
Jaguar XK120 chippy F1.jpg
Jaguar XK120 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Lotus Exige chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
McLaren F1 JGTC Saloon Chip
McLaren F1 GTR Chip camera.jpg
McLaren Supercar No info!
Mitsubishi Pajaro EVO Dakar Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Mitsubishi Pajero chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Mitsubishi Lancer RedBull Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Mosler 900R chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Nissan 350Z chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
NSX Saloon Chip
Peugeot 307 Saloon Chip RAID.jpg
Peugeot 307 Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Porsche 911 Prorace chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Porsche 911 Danone #4 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Porsche 997 Plus tuning chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Porsche 934 Prorace chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Renault Clio Saloon Chip
Renault Megane Trophy Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Subaru Impreza chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Toyota SUPRA JGTC Saloon Chip

Mosler Xavex chippy F1.jpg
Mosler Xavex chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg

Hummer H1 Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Quad Bike chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg

Ferrari 355 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Porsche GT3 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Toyota ? Chip

Mini Pickup chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg

BMW 320 chippy F1.jpg
Monogram Corvette Grand Sport chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Monogram Greenwood Corvette chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Jaguar E- Type chippy F1.jpg p camera.jpg
Monogram March Saloon Chip
March 83G Blue Thunder Saloon Chip
Monogram NSU TT 1300 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Porsche Spyder 550 James Dean chippy F1.jpg
Porsche Spyder Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Shellby Cobra 64 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
VW Uniroyal Funcup Cars chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg

A1 GP Car chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Audi TT Saloon Chip
BMW M1 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Cadillac LMP chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Camaro Saloon Chip
Caterham 7 chippy F1.jpg
Challenger - Ghost Car Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Classic Cooper Climax chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Corvette chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Dallara chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Drift Car Nissan 350Z chippy F1.jpg
F1's Renault, Toyota, Mclaren, Williams chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
F1 Honda Jordon chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
F1 Classics-M23 and 312T chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
F1 Classic Ferrari 312T2 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ferrari 250 (classic) chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ferrari 330 P4 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Ferrari F40 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Ford Focus RS WRC Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Ford GT40 Saloon Chip
Ford GT2003 Saloon Chip
Ford GT2003 Saloon Chip
Ford GT Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Ford Grand Torino Saloon Chip
Ford Boss Mustang 302 Saloon Chip
Gallardo Chip camera.jpg
Holden VT Commodore Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Jaguar XJ220 chippy F1.jpg
Lister LMP - 2004 lemans chippy F1.jpg
Lotus 49 and Eagle Weslake chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Mercedes F1 Safety Car Saloon Chip camera.jpg
McLaren M23 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Classic Maserati chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Maserati Combriocorsa Trofeo Saloon Chip
Maserati 250F Fangio chippy F1.jpg
Maserati MC-12 chippy F1.jpg
Maserati MC-12 Chip camera.jpg
Mercedes CLK Saloon Chip
Mercedes DTM Saloon Chip
MG Lola chippy F1.jpg
MG Lola chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
MG Lola 2004 lemans chippy F1.jpg
Mini Cooper Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Mini Cooper Classic Rally Monte Carlo camera.jpg RAID.jpg
MOTO GP MOTORCYCLE'S Aprillia chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Nissan Skyline - XANAVI NISMO Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Opel Astra Saloon Chip
Opel Vectra Saloon Chip
Peugeot 307 Rally chippy F1.jpg RAID.jpg
Pontiac Grand Prix Saloon Chip
Porsche GT3r
Porsche 911 Saloon Chip
Sharknose (Hill, Classic) chippy F1.jpg
Skoda Fabia Saloon Chip RAID.jpg
Subaru Impreza WRC Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg
TVR JCB Saloon Chip camera.jpg
TVR T400R Saloon Chip
TVR Tuscan 400R chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Vanwall (classic) chippy F1.jpg
Viper Competition Coupe Saloon Chip

Audi R8 Saloon Chip
Audi A4 DTM Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Audi R8 PRO Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Aston Martin DBR9 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Cadillac Northstar LMP Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Citroen Xsara chippy F1.jpg RAID.jpg
Citroen Xsara Pro chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Dome Judd chippy F1.jpg
Ferrari 360 Modena Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Ford Escort RS Cosworth chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ford Escort MKII chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ford Fiesta JWRC chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Ford Focus WRC chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Ford Sierra Cosworth chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Ferrari 550 Saloon Chip
Lancia Delta Integrale chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Mercedes DTM Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Red Opel chippy F1.jpg
Peugeot 206 Saloon Chip
Peugeot 908 Saloon Chip camera.jpg
Porsche GT1 Saloon Chip
Skoda Octavia chippy F1.jpg
Williams Montoya chippy F1.jpg

Ferrari 312 PB chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Kouros Sauber chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg
Kouros Sauber Chip camera.jpg
Mercedes Sauber C9 Kouros Chip camera.jpg Lighting.jpg
McLaren F1 GT SLOT.IT Chip camera.jpg
McLaren F1 GT SLOT.IT Chip camera.jpg
Nissan R390 GT1 1997 Le Mans Saloon Chip
Porsche 962 Saloon Chip

Renault 5 Turbo chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Peugeot 205 chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Spirit Peugot 406 silhoutte Saloon Chip camera.jpg

Lancia Stratos chippy F1.jpg camera.jpg RAID.jpg
Renault Alpine A110 chippy F1.jpg RAID.jpg
Seat Ibiza Saloon Chip
Toyota Celica GT4 Saloon Chip camera.jpg RAID.jpg




AUTOART Lamborghini Contac Saloon Chip I had to sacrifice part of the passenger side seat.
AUTOART Lamborghini Murcielago
F1 chip room for Saloon chip if you prefer. Savages photo post #332
AUTOART Peugeot 206- (F1 chip) LED in widened case mounting hole under front motor shaft, works well, but no rear lights for some reason. Front lights work. Odd.

CARRERA - Aston Martin DB5 (F1 chip)
CARRERA - Audi A4 DTM (Saloon chip) Fletch's Photo Post # 369 can be found: here
CARRERA Ferrari 575 GTC -Evolution (Saloon Chip?) see savage's photo post #419 : here
Additional Post - I replaced the standard motor with a Scalextric.
Also the metal base for the sliding magnet is a pain. As I drilled then found loads of metal particles stuck to it. I'm convinced that must have blown my power base.
I had to remove the lighting chip, Used RichG lighting
See here for front and rear (with brake lights) and had to remove part of the underneath plastic to allow the chip to fit.
I think it needs some more work as it is a very tight fit and the case doesn't quite fit. But a dremel or something would probably do the dash job better

CARRERA - Ford Mustang GT (Saloon chip) see savage's photo post #419 here: here
CARRERA - Jaguar D type (F1 chip) - I swapped the guide blade for a Scalextric one which is shorter and narrower. I was able to fit the LED at the front of the magnet area without any cutting or drilling. Just a little dollop of heat glue on each side holds it in place, the magnet is still free to move
I've taken out the polarity switch, as they won't do anything useful once the chip is in, even if you run on analogue.
The chip is intended to run on AC, and converts it to DC for the motor. The upshot of this is the car will only go forwards regardless of which way you put it on the track.
(if you're running on analogue, it still does the conversion bit, so the direction of the lane is lost)
If you used the switch between the guide and the chip - you'll notice no difference.
If you put it between the chip and the motor, you'll have the option of making the car go backwards all the time. Additional Post: Fletch's Photo post #363 and #364 is here:
Additional post - Peters photo post #370 for a saloon chip install is located: here
CARRERA Maserati MC12 - fairly easy to do by wiring the SSD chip between the lighting board and the motor. In both cases I put the "ferrite man" on the motor as recommended by RichG. CARRERA Porsche GT (Saloon chip) See Photo Post #335 by Savage: here
Carrera Mercedes C Class DTM - (Saloon chip) Savage's Photo Post # 369 can be found:: here

1 - Camera View Wiring Diagram - Ian's Photo Post #272 here
2 - Ian's written directions Post # 271 - Black wire from front light chip (Actually front right of the chip) has a black rubber connector on it, this once connected to the motor but is ideal dissection point to join to the yellow wire. Shown top of photo.
The red wire from the light chip (again front right of the chip) has the same not quite so clear on the photo but can just be seen in the dotted box at the bottom of the photo. It is Ideal for the green wire connection point.

If you can see the blue tape over my LED one corner nearly touches a red wire that is the only wire you need to touch on the switch side of the motor. It connects to the green.

Red and black wires from the SSD chip just connect to the green resistors in place of old sections.
3 - a tip on the Carrera models, if you slide the magnet forward it will come out of the slot.

Then you can remove the metal plate.

If you want to fit the magnet back in then you can glue it in.
4 - Wiring - green/yellow to guide blade, red/black to motor. If I remember correctly the carrera's have a switch for driving direction. You can remove this; you don't need it in digital. And gives you more space.

CARTRIX Mobil 1 NSX ( sidewinder model 0405 ) (Saloon Chip). This one was an absolute doddle to do. There was loads of room inside. I used the capacitor and ferret man supplied with the saloon chip on the motor and simply connected the yellow and green wires direct to the guide. This car flies.

FLY Alfa 147 (F1 chip)
FLY Alfa 156 (F1 chip) Difficult...Savage's Photo Post is: here
FLY Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm 1970 (F1 chip) Savage's Photo Post #314 is: here
FLY Audi Quattro - (F1 chip) see savage's Photo Post #441: here
FLY BMW - (Saloon chip) LED is behind the motor, quite a bit away from the guide. All is working well. The led passes the 2nd sensor before the guide hits the 1st one.
Additional Post - Savages Photo post
( # 236) is: here
FLY BMW M1 (saloon chip) See Savage's Photo post #379: here
FLY Capri - (F1 Chip) See Savage's Photo post #395: here
FLY Chrysler Viper (F1 chip) see Savage's Photo post #415: here
FLY Corvette Le Mans safety car with lights - (F1 chip) in front of motor, reasonably straightforward
FLY Corvette C5 (Saloon Chip) LED is behind the motor, quite a bit away from the guide. All is working well. The led passes the 2nd sensor before the guide hits the 1st one. Additional Post - see Savage's Photo post #415: here
FLY Ferrari 250GTO (F1 chip) See Savage's photo post #331: here
FLY Ferrari 512 Berlinetta (F1 chip)
FLY Ferrari 512S (F1 chip) see Savage's photo post #426: here
FLY FORD CAPRI (Saloon Chip) see Ian's Photo Post #453: here
FLY FORD GT40 Mk1 (Saloon chip)
FLY/GB Track Lancia Beta Montecarlo - (F1 chip room for saloon)
See Savage's Photo Post #377: here
FLY Lancia 037 - (Saloon chip) Nice easy installation See Savage's Photo Post #355: here
FLY Lola B98 (F1 chip)
FLY Lola T70 (F1 chip) see Savage's Photo post #426: here
FLY Marcos LM600's (F1 chip) I drilled a sensor hole in front of the guide, and placed chip on passenger side of the motor after a little bit of chassis trimming with the dremel.
FLY Panoz LMP-1 (Saloon Board) I had to remove some of the plastic struts but it did fit in the end!!! The Yellow and Green cables could have been longer that would have helped, why do they cut them so short?
FLY Porsche 908/3 (F1 chip)
FLY Porsche 908/2 (F1 chip)
FLY Porsche 908 Flunder (F1 chip)
FLY Porsche 911 Carrerra (F1 chip) Savages Photo install in post #235 (2nd car in post) is : here
FLY Porsche 917 (F1 chip)
FLY Porsche GT1 98 - (F1 chip) see Savage's photo post #426: here
FLY Porsche GT Daytona (F1 chip)
FLY SALEEN S7 (F1 Chip) see Savage's Photo Post #427: here
FLY Trucks (F1 chip)
FLY Viper (Saloon Chip) LED is behind the motor, quite a bit away from the guide. All is working well. The led passes the 2nd sensor before the guide hits the 1st one.

MRRC/Airfix Porsche Carrerra (F1 chip)
MRRC/Airfix Aston Martin DB5 (F1 chip) these are quite slow but they're old timers and were slow before chipping.
MRRC Cobra - (F1 chip). See Savage's Photo post : here
MRRC Clubman's Porsche Carrerra 6 (F1 chip) Yorkshire Keith photo post #247: here
MRRC Toyota Celica - (F1 chip) see savages Photo Post #458: here

Ninco Austin Healey - (F1 chip) (room for saloon) see savage's photo post #465: here
NINCO Austin Healey MKIII (F1 chip) Will easily hold a Saloon chip
NINCO Corvette Hardtop (classic) - (F1 chip) see savage's photo post #502: here
NINCO Ferrari 166MM (classic) (F1 chip)
NINCO Go Karts (F1 Chip)See Stevef's post: post 411
NINCO Honda NSX JGTC - (Saloon Chip), very, very simple
NINCO Jaguar XK120 (classic) (F1 Chip)
NINCO Lancer (Evo) (F1 chip) Even with the belt driven 4wd system its a really easy fit and took 10 minutes maximum.
NINCO McLaren F1 JGTC - (Saloon Chip), very simple.
NINCO McLaren F1 GTR - (SlotIT chip or either Scalextric chip). see Savage's Photo Post #367 : here
NINCO McLaren Supercar (? Chip)
NINCO Mitsubishi Lancer - F1 chip (room for saloon). see Savage's Photo Post #419: here
NINCO MITSUBISHI PAJERO EVO "DAKAR 06" #304 (saloon chip) see Ian's photo post #461: here
NINCO Mitsubishi Redbull (Saloon chip) See bleep's post #398: here
NINCO Mosler 900R - (F1 Chip) see Savage's Photo Post #427: here
NINCO Nissan 350Z - (F1 chip) see Savage's Photo post # 413: here
NINCO NSX (Saloon chip) chip just fits laying flat behind the led, easy. The sprung guides installed on the Ninco cars are a pain. They kept causing de-slots on the lane change straights. I inserted a collar to stop the guide from lifting and it's been fine since.
NINCO Peugeot 307 (Saloon chip) not much room for the saloon chip but will fit in laid flat on the floor pan on the left side avoiding the drive belt for the 4wd. (see Bleep's Blog)
NINCO Porsche 934 Prorace - (F1 chip). See Savage's photo post #420: here
NINCO Renault Clio - (Saloon Chip) - Angled front of motor - very easy conversion, used a saloon chip (stolen from a Boxter). I took the capacitor and ferrite from the Boxter as well. Then I just joined the pickup wires to the original Ninco pickup wires. The board just fits down the side of the motor.
NINCO Renault Mégane Trophy "Bribus"(F1 Chip) Very easy loads of room in the chassis to fit the chip on the floor pan which has two struts that are the exact size to drop the chip in-between this was completed in 10 minutes and the car fly's. This is one I would consider adding to, great car.
NINCO Subaru Impreza - (F1 chip) (room for saloon) see savage's photo post #419: here
NINCO Subaru (Saloon Chip) Vertical front of motor - plenty of room in these!
NINCO Toyota SUPRA (Saloon chip) Loads of room upright behind the LED, Easy. The sprung guides installed on the Ninco cars are a pain. They kept causing de-slots on the lane change straights. I inserted a collar to stop the guide from lifting and it's been fine since.
Ninco VW Gulfs ( F1 chip) put chip in sideways
NINCO WRC 2005 (evo) (F1 chip preferable) Saloon instructions: No room for the saloon chip at all, but extended all the wires and fitted the chip in the car body shell under the bonnet ensuring no cables touched the two drive-belts. This was a pig of a job to-do but advanced my soldering skills somewhat. Wish I had opted for the single seat chip that may have fitted on the floor pan between the drive belts.
1 - Motor compatibility Problem with SSD Chip see this thread.
2 - Lane change Problem - Convert to the newer Scalextric guides with the removable round braid plates. It's pretty simple you only need a flat needle file and a 4mm drill
Yorkshire Keith Photo Post #222 is: here
3 - Scalextric F1 chips work fine for the Ninco Raid cars , with the NC7 motor ,I have had a Mitsubishi one running for an eternity with no problems , please note I also do not use brakes

NSR Mosler Xavex (F1 chip/ Saloon chip will fit) according to Don Quislot Re-solder the ferrite of the chip to the motor.

PROSLOT Ferrari 355 - F1 chip (room for saloon). See Savage's Photo Post #418: here
PROSLOT Porsche GT3 - F1 chip (room for saloon). See Savage's Photo Post #418 : here
PROSLOT Toyota (? model)(??? chip)

PRS Mini Pickup (F1chip) Very small no room for a saloon chip had to fit the F1 Chip very

Revell BMW 320 - (F1 chip) see savages Photo Post #458: here
REVELL - Jaguar E-Type (F1 chip) Savages Photo Post # 235 is : here
REVELL - Monogram MARCH - (Saloon chip) - everybody should convert one of these!
REVELL - March 83G Blue Thunder (Saloon Chip) The chip went at the back near the engine, I had to extend all the wires to fit.
REVELL - MONOGRAM NSU TT 1300 - (Saloon Chip), Angled front of motor - surprisingly easy!
REVELL - Porsche 550 James dean Spyder (F1 chip) put the LED behind the motor
REVELL - Shelby Cobra 64 (F1 chip) Savage has a Photo Post (#227) : here

SCALEXTRIC Audi TT -- (Saloon chip) very easy
SCALEXTRIC Camaro (Saloon chip) upright behind the LED, Easy.
SCALEXTRIC Caterham 71 (F1 Chip)
SCALEXTRIC CHALLENGER (Ghost car) - Instructions here

SCALEXTRIC Dallara IRL Futaba Delphi -(F1 chip) horizontal behind driver, sensor between his/her legs. Additional Post - very easy, I removed the forward screw and post, and mounted the LED through the hole. Additional Post - Photo post #408 is : here

SCALEXTRIC DRIFT CARS Nissan 350Z etc (F1 chip) remove the wires and board with the 4 diodes on and solder the red and black wires of the retro chip to the motor. Remove the clips on the green & yellow wires and solder directly to the guide tags.

SCALEXTRIC F1's Renault, Toyota, Mclaren, Williams (F1 chip) see Fletch's post #389: here
SCALEXTRIC F1 Honda Jordon (F1 Chip) See Fletch's Photo Post #411: here
SCALEXTRIC Ferrari 157 (F1 chip)
SCALEXTRIC Ferrari 250 (classic) (F1 chip) Yorkshire Keith Post # 198 Installation Instructions with photo's :: here
SCALEXTRIC Ferrari 330 P4 (Saloon chip) the space is rather tight, but I managed to fit the saloon chip. (NOTE - This is a moderately difficult install and experience should be gained chipping other cars before attempting this one) Additional Post: Fletch's Photo Post # 347 is: here
SCALEXTRIC Ferrari 575 Maranello (Saloon Chip)Ian's Photo Post # 226 is : here
SCALEXTRIC Ferrari F40 (Saloon chip) See Savage's Photo post #336: here
SCALEXTRIC FORD GT40, (saloon chip) - RICH G Instructions Post 27 located here: here
NOTE FROM LATER THREAD BY RichG (If Doing it again I would use the magnet hole & leave the led on the wires.)I then bent it through a right angle, I drilled hole just behind the magnet and it all went in very nicely. Body went back on with no pressure or fouling and I am pleased to say that on the first outing it broke the lap record on my test track, beating the Audis & Boxter's. That was with the standard psu. So, probably not the route that everyone would want to take, but as I want six of them I was keen to come up with a neat solution.
SCALEXTRIC Ford GT2003 (Saloon Chip) very simple (tight upfront)
SCALEXTRIC Ford Grand Torino (Saloon Chip) (red with a big white strip).
SCALEXTRIC Ford Boss Mustang 302 (Saloon chip)
SCALEXTRIC Ford Mustang (Saloon chip) place upright behind the led, Easy.
SCALEXTRIC Jaguar XJ220 (F1 chip)
SCALEXTRIC Lister LMP - 2004 lemans - (F1 chip) I took it all apart and figured the F1 chip would sit nicely beside the side panel of the chassis, and no modification to the chassis would be required, I connected the red/black cables directly to the motor, having removed the socket from the originals and connected that to the (shortened) yellow/green wires. I drilled a 3mm hole for the sensor, and uses a spacer to add support to the LED.
By making the connections in this fashion, although it isn't going to be possible to just remove the motor pod anymore, it does leave the setup such that the lights are wired permanently on, and the whole job looks neat.

SCALEXTRIC Maserati Combriocorsa Trofeo (Saloon Chip) very simple
SCALEXTRIC Maserati fangio (classic) (F1 chip) Install chip in the tail of the Maserati , this means lengthening all but the wires to the braids and removing some of the side cockpit detail (you can hardly see it when it is all back together). Separate the tail section from the rest of the body so it stays in place when the body is removed. The Maserati hangs its tail out in spectacular fashion now and I love it.
SCALEXTRIC Maserati MC-12 -(F1 chip) Firstly, forget trying it with anything other than the F1 chip.
The board location is to the rear of the front light board, on the very edge of the spine at that part of the chassis - you'll notice the slots in the F1 decoder board, and align accordingly as near to the rear of the spine where it starts to run crossways.
It's an extremely tight fit even with the F1 board, and it's placement is critical. Keep your wiring tidy too; there just isn't any spare room inside this one.
It took me ages to get the body back on properly - talk about snug - -
Additional Post - (Saloon Chip) and Dremel It runs a little bit slow and you should connect it to a 3f Throttle - Additional Post - (F1 chip) pain in the bum and fiddly, motor wires needed extending and tough to get it all back together when done. Additional Post (F1chip) I placed the board alongside the motor rather than upfront - this was a lot easier than I thought.
General Consensus on this car - It is slow chipped using a stock motor. It is a smooth runner and nice driving car, but even factory chipped, its a DOG!!! ( I know, I own one and it really slides nicely but has no juice!!...TG )...consider re-motoring with the motor from an Audi TT OR a SlotIT motor if you must own this car in digital( unless you own a very small & tight track where speed is not an issue.)

SCALEXTRIC Maserati 250F (F1 chip)
SCALEXTRIC Mercedes CLK - (Saloon Chip) no Dremel needed - Additional Post: Loads of room chip was from a Boxter fitted in with no problems at all lights work well this car goes like a dream.
SCALEXTRIC Mercedes DTM - (Saloon Chip) very simple
SCALEXTRIC MG Lola C2367 - (F1 Chip) Use a Dremel, it's really close in the Lola but the result is great.
SCALEXTRIC MG Lola C2482 - (F1 chip) See Above
SCALEXTRIC MG Lola 2004 lemans (F1 chip) - Position chip on the right side of the motor after removing some of the 'ribbing' from that part of the chassis. The power leads were long enough to reach (exact length in fact) the leads of the already fitted capacitor and ferrite core. The sensor lead is also long enough, sits in the front button magnet hole (with aid of spacer). I cut the green/yellow pickup wires to length, and soldered them to the crimp connectors. The front lights for the Lola already had the wiring connected to the pickup, so the lights are on permanently without any other mod being needed - shame they are yellow instead of a bright white xenon though. Plenty of patience needed, but not a difficult conversion.
SCALEXTRIC Mini Cooper - (Saloon chip) simple. Fletch's Photo Post #351 is : here
SCALEXTRIC MOTO GP MOTORCYCLE'S (F1 chip) Advanced moderately Difficult Installation-Aaron's Photo Post # 284 of the Aprillia is : here
Additional Post - Aaron's Photo edit Post # 296 on installation is : here
SCALEXTRIC Opel Astra (Saloon chip) moderately easy
SCALEXTRIC Opel Vectra (Saloon chip) Very easy installation.
SCALEXTRIC Peugeot 307 Rally - (F1 chip) needs motor and sensor wires extending and patience to get body back together. Additional Post - F1 chip is required, even with the F1 chip, as you need to lengthen both the motor and sensor wires to fit it, and the body is a pig to get back together afterwards - when you lengthen the wires, don't use too much slack, as you'll struggle to lose the extra wire inside the body area. Additional Post - (Saloon chip) Had to:
- cut off the little prongs designed to hold the f1 chip, the saloon chip is just the right fit between the chassis and the parcel shelf bit of the interior.
- Removed the IR from its little board and re-attach to much longer wires
- lengthen the wires to the slot guide
- motor wires were long enough, actually needed to shorten them a little
hardest bit of all was squeezing all the wires into the groove down the middle of the interior floor pan.

SCALEXTRIC Pontiac Grand Prix (Saloon Chip) very simple.
SCALEXTRIC Porsche Boxter - OEM board swap
SCALEXTRIC Porsche gt3r chipped with OEM boards Porsche Boxter - Worked a treat, left the lights powered from the guide rather than the motor, so the lights are 'always on', chip upright just behind front axle, driver needed to lose feet, no other mods needed.
SCALEXTRIC Porsche 911( Saloon chip)
SCALEXTRIC Sharknose (hill)(classic)(F1 chip) remove the cockpit floor pan, and the left side inner panel, the chip will fit in at a strange angle next to drivers legs with a tiny bit shaved of the end of the chip.
SCALEXTRIC Skoda Fabia (Saloon Chip) very, very simple
SCALEXTRIC TVR T400R's (Saloon chip) sensor in front button magnet hole, board mounted alongside engine, at an angle, after removing part of the chassis rib with a dremel - dremel wont be needed if F1 retrofit kit is used - ADDED POST NOTES - C7006, Horizontal above and just to front of motor (under the bonnet basically) - the pressure from board and wires fouled the front axle so I used aluminum tubing to shroud it. Had to make a hole in the wall of the tube to prevent fouling of the motor shaft also. Additional Post - Saloon board, reasonably simple, bit of dremel (or use F1 chip) on chassis.SCALEXTRIC Vanwall (classic)(F1 chip) the chip will go down the side of the engine as long as you insulate it with some tape.
SCALEXTRIC Viper Competition Coupe (Saloon Chip) - use provided mounts, but needed to replace leads for sensor board, as they were too short to run the way Scalextric laid it out. Additional Post - Saloon board on 1, F1 board on other. Sensor wires need lengthening, otherwise straightforward. Additional Post - Everything ok. The lights seem a bit dim ( Yellow-ish tint ) but I did not have an analogue track to see how bright they were in the first place. I used a saloon chip on this one. All the wires required to be lengthened.

SCALEXTRIC NOTES -1 - C7005 = F1 chip..........C7006 = Saloon Chip
2 - Lighting Scalextric cars - LED's are directly connect to incoming Power (the green and yellow Wires) so the light is on if you set the Cars to the Track.
3 - LED & Track Sensors - Rich G - Lap counting & timing is a two-part process. The 1st sensor reads the LED to work out which car it is, The 2nd sensor is a beam that is broken by the Slot Guide, this determines the time.
The lane changers do not care which car it is, only weather a Lane Change is being requested or not. The Lane Change sensor piece only has detectors in the second set of holes. The 1st set of holes are in fact blank & the Slot Guide plays no part in the Lane Change.
Positioning of the Led to either side of the Slot Guide is fine. The only issue is that, the closer it is to the Slot Guide, the further you can have the back out before the Led is missed.
Ideally the Led would be mounted in the Slot Guide.
4 - Ferrite Choke information (Ferrite man) here
5 - Wiring chips - you will get loss of ID much easier with green and yellow back to front. Scalextric instructions state yellow on the left, green on the right.

SCX Audi R8 (saloon chip) Additional Post: (F1 chip) SCX RX-41 motors draw more amps than other motors and in combination with the Scalextric chip can't get enough hence the slow running. I got a Slot It Motor and adapter from Pendle Slots. Anyway F1 chip fitted vertically in left side pod of car without any butchery required, original SCX lighting left in place and works fine, just need to run it in
SCX Austin Martin DBR9 (Saloon chip) Savage's Photo Post #328 is: here
Additional Post - see savage's post #330 at same link
SCX Cadillac Northstar LMP (Saloon chip) see Stuarts Photo Post #476: here
SCX Citroen Xsara (F1 chip) easy modification
SCX Dome Judd (F1 chip)
SCX Ferrari 360 Modena (Saloon chip) Savages Photo Post #328 is : here
Additional Post - see savage's post #330 at same link
SCX Ford Focus WRC (F1 chip) this was a little unusual as it doesn't have any wires it is solid state strips of copper but it is still easy enough to do plenty of room inside the body work, the motor has two strips that meet the floor pan strips direct from the pickups. I just cut these to break the connection soldered the red and black to the motor terminals and shortened the yellow and green connected them to the floor pan strips. Ensuring that nothing is in the way of the two strips that drop down from the bodywork to activate the lights which are live as soon as the car touches the track. GREAT.
This was easy to do and I can't wait to get another of the same design, though I did have a major problem with the chip F1 I was using it blew on me but I have used another and it is now working perfect.
Oh! And the LED and Chip no problem with all the room in the floor pan it's just the usual drill a small hole and drop in the led and the chip fits down the side of the chassis nicely.

SCX Ferrari 550 (saloon chip) I fixed to the floor pan using a 2 sided adhesive foam pad
SCX Lancia Delta Integrale - F1 chip (possibly too tight for Saloon). See Savage's Photo Post #393 : here
SCX Opel (F1 chip)
SCX Peugeot 206 (red #1 Gronholm) (Saloon chip) I used an OEM Boxter Donor chip. I had to file down the front wheel drive shaft, then I fixed the LED sensor into the hole that's left from the FWD crown... using a plastic washer to give the correct height to the sensor.
The board is held in place in the same spot that the Boxter has it. I had to remove the copper guide feed, so as to shorten them. Also, I wired some Scalextric front lights from a Cadillac lmp and wired them so that they a constantly on.
SCX Porsche GT1 (saloon chip)
SCX Skoda Octavia (F1 chip) easy modificationSCX Williams Montoya (F1 chip) Difficult - never want to open it up again, but It fits.

SCX NOTES 1 - Be careful with all that unprotected rails inside the car. I would advise you to secure your chip and isolate the rails beneath the chip (tape). Believe me, speaking out of experience.... I guess this car doesn't have light, otherwise be careful with the rails in the upper part of the car and check if the chip doesn't prevent contact with upper and lower rails. You will see what I mean when you open up a scx car with light

SLOT.IT - Ferrari 312 PB (F1 chip) see Don Quislot's photo post #445 : here
SLOT.IT - Kouros Sauber (F1 chip) Dons Post # 293 photo of Interior: here
SLOT.IT Nissan R390 GT1 1997 Le Mans - (Saloon chip) - Easy - loads of room in front of motor. Runs very fast and very nice with silicone tires and 2 HRS magnets
SLOT.IT - Porsche 962 (saloon chip) I couldn't wait for the SlotIT custom board. The saloon style board fits fairly easily alongside the motor, leaning toward it. Of course I had to splice to the guide and sensor wires. I used the original SlotIT wires for the guide. Fairly easy.

SLOT.IT Notes -
1 - Motor compatibility Problem?? Go : here

2 - (All chips) RichG - For best suppression the Red & black wires should be soldered to the side of the ferrite closest to the capacitor body, under the yellow gunk. Problems either running and/or stopping or ID change's (particularly with the F1 chip) Are common unless soldered in this manner.

Spirit Renault 5 Turbo - (F1 chip) see savages Photo Post #455 : here
Spirit Peugot 205 - (F1 chip) see savages Photo Post #455 : here
Additional post - see Ian's photo post #481 : here

TEAMSLOT Lancia Stratos (F1 chip) Side of (huge) motor - still a tight fit! Additional Post - Savages photo install post #333is : here
TEAMSLOT Seat Ibiza - (Saloon chip) OEM Boxter donor. this is the easiest conversion I have ever done hole was in the right place loads of room on the chassis, the Chip I used was out of a Porsche Boxter I had ample wire length there's even room to put the chip between the motor and the pickup it was great, I wish they could all be this easy. The S6 motor is full torque on this light body and de-slots too easily so some weight will have to be added to keep the nose in place. The back end is able to rotate further than an average Scalextric car so broad-siding round corners is the name of the game. This would be great fun on a rally track.
TEAMSLOT Toyota Celica GT4 (Saloon chip) Ian's Photo Post#288 is : here



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