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With so many of us now using digital and converting cars to digital..

Do you all think that it would be a good idea to have some sort of data base, that would specify model of car, what chip used, location of chip, and may be a pic or two of how the chip is installed ?

Nuro Perhaps we could have this in the resource section ?


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Scalextric Mini, Scalextric GT40, SCX Porsche GT1, SCX Audi R8, all with saloon chips.
I'll take piccies etc when I next take the bodies off if they're wanted.

Looks like we're the only one who think that this is a good idea.

But i have chipped the following

4 F1's renualt, Toyota, Mclaren, Williams.

2 Fly trucks

4 DTM 2 Scalextric Merc's and 2 Scalextric Opel's

1 Scalextric Caterham 7

1 Scalextric skoda

1 Scalextric Grand Ford Torino (red with a big white strip).

1 Scalextric Maserati Trofeo

1 Scalextric Ford Boss 302 mustang

Hope this helps

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If you would like to send an HTML page to me by email ([email protected]) with this info, together with some photos if possible, I'll put it into Resources under the digital section.


I see what i can knock up at the weekend.

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Great idea. Here's a couple I did that Scalextric Racer didn't already mention....

1 - Scalextric Ford GT2003 (very tight upfront)
2 - Ninco VW Golfs (put chip in sideways)

Soon I hope I can do pictures too.
Hi Andrew, youve done some F1s? The new F1 chip or (!) the regular?

Ive chipped so far:

FLY Porsche 908/3
FLY Porsche 908/2
FLY 908 Flunder
FLY Porsche 917
FLY Lola T70
FLY Ferrari 512 berlinetta
FLY daytona Porsche GT
FLY Alfa 147
FLY GT40 Mk1

Scalextric porsche 911s.
Scalextric Minis
Ninco McLaren F1
SlotIT Porsche 962 (since removed),

Think that covers it.

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adding to your list:

4 Scalextric TVR T400R's (sensor in front button magnet hole, board mounted alongside engine, at an angle, after removing part of the chassis rib with a dremel - dremel wont be needed if F1 retrofit kit is used)

2 Scalextric Maserati Trofeo's

Ninco NSX (Takata) - board mounted flat up front, sensor hole drilled between cable routing tabs by front axle
Ninco Supra (Esso) - exactly as the NSX

2 Scalextric Viper Competition Coupe (use provided mounts, but needed to replace leads for sensor board, as they were too short to run the way Scalextric laid it out.

Scalextric Ford GT 2003

4 Scalextric Mini's (pre chipped + 2 analog body swaps)

4 Scalextric DTM's (pre chipped + 2 analog body swaps)

Next up for me this week-end are;
Ninco JGTC McLaren F1
2 Slot-It 956's or 962's - still deciding
2 Fly cars, either Marcos or Alfa's (147 or 156)

The cars I'm really curious about, but they look impossible to do, are the classic Vanwall and Maserati F1's brought out by Scalextric last year - had hoped to do both, then add a couple of the new Cartix Classic F1 releases to make a decent field... Anybody thought of a way to do it.


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Hehe, woohoo:
FLY Lola B98 (F1 chip)
SCX Dome Judd (cool! F1 chip)
Monogram MARCH car (everybody should convert one of these!!! Saloon Car chip )

PS, We need a dynamic web page so we can have a dynamic list you guys can add to easily, I'll build one and let you all know when its ready (will make for easy reading).

over & out
OK, finally I can add the Maserati MC-12 to the list of chipped cars.

You don't know how close I came to going and getting the big, #3 hammer on this one!!

Firstly, forget trying it with anything other than the F1 chip.
The board location is to the rear of the front light board, on the very edge of the spine at that part of the chassis - you'll notice the slots in the F1 decoder board, and align accordingly as near to the rear of the spine where it starts to run crossways.
It's an extremely tight fit even with the F1 board, and it's placement is critical. Keep your wiring tidy too, there just isn't any spare room inside this one.
It took me ages to get the body back on properly - talk about snug!!

Anyway, it's done now, and seemingly working ok, but I've done nothing more than a few test laps.

I was going to do 3 other cars tonight, but it's taken me 1.5 hours just to complete this one.

And no, I didn't rewire the lights to be on permanently...

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OK, this is fun...

Scalextric Skoda Fabia, Porsche Boxter OEM board swap, SLOW CAR

2 x Scalextric Mini Cooper, Digital Mini Cooper S underpan assembly swap Details...

2 x Revell-Monogram NSU TT 1300, C7006, Angled front of motor - surprisingly easy! Details...

2 x Ninco Renault Clio, C7006, Angled front of motor (these also have the Ninco lighting kit fitted, 1 more to do!)

2 x Ninco Subaru, C7006, Vertical front of motor - plenty of room in these!

2 x Scalextric TVR Tuscan, C7006, Horizontal above and just to front of motor (under the bonnet basically) - the pressure from board and wires fouled the front axle so I used aluminium tubing to shroud it. Had to make a hole in the wall of the tube to prevent fouling of the motor shaft also.
SLOW CARS, don't know why, hoping Scalextric's higher RPM motors will actually be available before hell freezes over

Scalextric Mercedes CLK, Digital Mercedes CLK underpan swap (waiting on availability of Digital Mercedes CLK to do one more) FAST, FAST CAR

1 x Team Slot Lancia Stratos, C7005, Side of (huge) motor - still a tight fit!

I think that's it. Cars I want to do...

AutoArt Peugeot 206, C7005 but LED mount will be tricky, hopeful that Autort will license SSD in future... Porsche 962, You know my tale of woe regarding this one. I would like to get a grid of these when the SSD board is released.

Revell-Monogram Shelby Cobra #15, NO IDEA! Can't even see room for an F1 chip (C7005) in this one!

FYI, I haven't glued the board or LED in ANY of these cars. I tiny rubber grommets, slit in half height-wise, glued over the LED hole to hold the LED. Main board I just leave free or use a little blu-tack or tape. I'd rather these things have some freedom to move with impacts. I use insulating tape over any metal parts they could possibly come into contact with.

Soapbox time! Listen up Scaley if you are reading! Back in the (analog) day when I found a car I really liked (Scalextric Mini, Ninco Renault Clio etc.) I would always get at least 2 liveries so my friends and I could race like with like. Well guess what, SSD means that now I am always going to buy at least 3 liveries and usually 4. If I really like it I'll get 6. It doesn't take a genius to realise that this is going to improve the car manufacturers botom line. So be nice to us!
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Ditto to multiple liveries, or do we ask for white cars with multiple decal sheets?
I chipped an AutoArt Lambo Countach over the weekend. We only have the saloon chips in the US (F1s are due to arrive this week).

I had to sacrifice part of the passenger side seat. I just couldn't manage it otherwise. Luckily, the interior of that car is obscured and dark (there's no driver either). A small piece of black electrical tape covered it nicely.

I think I'm going to start asking my local hobby shop if I can pop off the covers of any new cars I might get before I buy. I want to know what I'm getting into before I hand over my money.

Anyway, I already ordered a Fly BMW M3 and a Ninco Acura NSX that I plan on chipping. Do you guys have any advice on converting these? It will be my first fly and second Ninco.
quick addition -

scalextric porsche gt3r chipped with OEM boards from the boxters. Worked a treat, left the lights powered from the guide rather than the motor, so the lights are 'always on'

Done 3 of these so far, chip upright just behind front axle, driver needed to lose feet, no other mods needed.
QUOTE (GuFaZi @ 24 May 2005, 13:47)I chipped an AutoArt Lambo Countach over the weekend. We only have the saloon chips in the US (F1s are due to arrive this week).
Already have 'em on the west coast, mate

QUOTE (GuFaZi @ 24 May 2005, 13:47)I think I'm going to start asking my local hobby shop if I can pop off the covers of any new cars I might get before I buy. I want to know what I'm getting into before I hand over my money.
With you on this one. I have eyed some Fly cars recently, but the front mounted motor puts me off. It can be hard to judge how hard a conversion will be from the exterior - who would have guessed that Revell's tiny NSU's are easy to chip with the saloon version board!

On a slight tangent, I wish Scalextric would hurry up and get the newer, digital ready, round guide, underpan assemblies out as spares. I am perfectly willing to buy an older analog Scalextric car, new underpan assy. and chip to get new liveries. I absolutely refuse to buy any Scalextric cars with the old 'self-centering' guide unless I am going to do a body swap with an equivalent digital - and that gets EXPENSIVE!
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QUOTE (SinclairZX81 @ 24 May 2005, 18:58)On a slight tangent, I wish Scalextric would hurry up and get the newer, digital ready, round guide, underpan assemblies out as spares.

Is this what your talking about New Guide Blades?
No, I mean the whole underpan assembly, like these, only for the new digital and digital ready cars.

AutoArt Peugeot 206, C7005, LED in widened case mounting hole under front motor shaft, works well, but no rear lights for some reason. Front lights work. Odd.

[EDIT]The rear lights are working, but very, very faintly and now I realise the headlights are very dim too... Could the AutoArt lighting board not like SSD very much?[/EDIT]

Another Ninco Renault Clio (GO! muddy), C7006, this one without lights (yet)

I also bought the new digital F1 cars. Nice to try some open wheelers again!
Well I am talking to myself here, but I just chipped my 962 with the saloon chip. I couldn't wait for the custom board after all
The saloon style board fits fairly easily alongside the motor, leaning toward it. Of course I had to splice to the guide and sensor wires. Easy enough. I used the original wires for the guide.

Anyway it works great. With the silicones and an extra HRS magnet this car flies! Makes the Mercedes CLK seem sluggish!

Oh and I have determined that the F1 chip will fit easily into Scalextric's Dallara Indy cars too. Horizontally behind the driver.
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OK, I have it done too....

the following Cars are now digital

C2367 MG Lola EX 257 Le Mans 2002 Knight Hawk Nr.30
C2482 MG Lola Banana Joe
for the Lolas I using a F1 Chip and a Dremel, it's really closely in the Lolas but the result is great. This Cars are my fastest now. You can connect this Cars to slowly Throttles

C2630 Maserati MC12 Nr.33
using a Saloon Chip and a Dremel. It runs a little bit slowy and you should connect it to a 3f Throttle

C2391 AMG Mercedes CLK Vodaphone Nr.1
using a Saloon Chip no Dremel needed. Runs very fast.

On all Cars the Light-LEDs are directly connect to incoming Power (the green and yellow Wires) so the light is on if you set the Cars to the Track.

happy racing
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