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SSD Controller Test Program

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Hi All,

I have attached a simple controller test program for use with a PC (no Mac support sorry) and RichG's PC link cable. It will graphically show you the output of your controllers, as detected by the powerbase. It will also suggest a "boost resistor" value, should you wish to do the controller mod mentioned in the topic:

SSD Hand Throttles - Are you losing power, Have you got a 3F controller?

To run, simply unzip the file to a directory. You will get an exe and a help file. Double-click on the exe.

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will try it when i remove all the masking from my track!

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Thanks Ian,
Just come down from the loft spent the whole afternoon up there so I've downloaded your programme for the next time I go up

I'm not a wizz with electronics so this looks as though it could be really helpful to me.

Thank You Very Much

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Thanks Ian, look forward to installing this. I haven't done any throttle mods yet (on the to-do list) so this will be really useful.

I've got a couple of dubious throttles so this looks like it will help to check my suspicions.
Exelent stuff Ian , will complement my controller mod nicely , will also assist if building your own aftermarket controller .
Top work Ian. Can't wait to try this! Thanks for the work.
Excellent work! The software confirmed that my modded controller was indeed 'doing the business'. It also helped me to minimize the 'dead spot' at the bottom end of the range by setting the pot at the absolute minimum value required to achieve 3F.

Now I just need a decent USB to Serial convertor so I can run it on my laptop. I trawled the posts, but most of the info seems to relate to hooking us RMS and not the SSD controller. Has anyone found a cheap, reliable source - eBay looks favourite at the moment.

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Put it to the test , it works perfectly , only problem is I have all of my controllers moded ,so it didn't show any short commings, we could use more programs like this , any chance it could be adapted for a throttle log ?
thanks again Ian
Hi Sax

Bernd's program Scale allows logging of throttle values. Have you had a play with that?
Hi Rich,
scale's throttle values seem to jump ariund a lot even showing half throttle when no controllers are being touched , I enjoy using the program and this has been the only glitch that has persisted ..
Hi Sax

Yes my throttles flicker on screen. I think the logged data is ok.

Here is a plot of 10 laps I did in Excel.

Have you had a look at the logged data?
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QUOTE (jweedon @ 23 Jan 2006, 21:59)Now I just need a decent USB to Serial convertor so I can run it on my laptop.<{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Not sure if you have seen it, but the SCALE manual includes a list of USB to Serial convertors that are known to work with SSD.

QUOTE (sax0607 @ 23 Jan 2006, 22:08)any chance it could be adapted for a throttle log ?<{POST_SNAPBACK}>
The controller test program is the first visible result of the AuxBox project. Further down the track, we hope to release a replacement for SCALE, as Bernd no longer responds to emails, and seems to have abandoned it. The new program will include some additional features, such as automatic screen resizing and support for multiple powerbases, as well as logging.

What a fantastic bit of software! Used RichG's cable via a USB -serial adaptor, from Maplins, and found that of my 3 controllers 2 produce 3F 100% and 1 produces 3E 98%. Not even sure if the last one is worth modding! Brilliant! Even had Scale software running through the adaptor too. I love it when a plan comes together!!

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A call again ... Please Scalextric learn from yout equal LEGO .. give us a SDK and full spec and let the community churn out functionity


Pretty Please
Apologies for opening an old thread - tested all 3 of my throttles and they all were 37 - is it worth making the mods to get them to 3F?

I definitely notice a slowdown with 3 cars and 1 standard scaley power supply - and I haven't rewired the lane changers.
QUOTE (cl_jagman @ 30 Aug 2006, 11:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>tested all 3 of my throttles and they all were 37 - is it worth making the mods to get them to 3F?

Well, 37 (in hex) is actually 55, out of a possible maximum of 63. That means you can only get 87% of full power. Could you do with 13% more power? In terms of voltage, this would be like going from a standard 12V supply to a 13.5V supply. Certainly, if you did the mod, you would notice the difference.

Really useful piece of software, so thank you for sharing it with us.

I tested all my throttles last night and thank goodness I did. 2 out of the 6 had stuck brake buttons but because they are new I had never used them before.

Tried to ring Scaley today to change them but couldnt get through, anyone got a better telephone number than the one provided in Racer magazine for customer support I can try?
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