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SSD lane changers for route tracks - can we DIY?

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Hello all you SSD gurus out there.

Having built a portable SSD track using Sport track and the APB I am thinking it will probably be WAY easier to do the next one as a routed track (much easier to get the slots to line up at the edges of square boards etc.)

But, being a BIG FAN of SSD I want the routed track to be fully digital.

Obviously I need another APB but can I make lane changer flippers using standard electronic parts or do I have to buy and chop up Scalextric lane changers?

Routed with copper tape so magless. Fast track so I would like much longer flippers to make lane changing smoother.

So - can we make our own? If it's much cheaper I could afford many more lane changing points to make it even more interesting.

Cheers m'dears
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I don't think anyone has come out with a cheaper sensor/activation system for SSD. I've seen custom jobs, but none of those for sale, and they're still much bigger than scaley ones. Also, the solenoids and flippers aren't something you can just whip up with some scrap MDF and a magnet. In the end, although it seems expensive, the Scaley lane changers have everything needed at the cheapest price. They're also the most compact.
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