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I currently run a digital track in my garage and so do not want to leave a PC in there.

I wish to run with SSD but cannot find any minimum Hardware requirements listed I have the option of a laptop or for preference a netbook can anyone offer any advice (the Netbook is much newer than the laptop and the latter has a battery that no longer holds its charge)

many thanks


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There Will be solutions!
I just now test à Linux (android 4.0) small unit.
Just enugh to take the time of à race.
Then you can take the SD Cardiff and implement the race to your calenders
Sucks device are avbild for less Tham $70

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Hi Colin,

I'm running mine on an old DELL Precision M4300; 2.8 Ghz Intel CPU with 4GB RAM. Windows 7. No issues. That said, I only run SSDC, Trackpower and AVG AV on it and nothing else.

Yep, source the cable from RichG or RikoRocket here on the forum and download the trial version from the website to test.
Once you have the cable re-flash your firmware on the C7042 (if you have that PB) really is worth it and will help you resolve a lot of issues right from the start...

If you want/need wireless throttles then you'll need on of the cheapo Tesco bluetooth dongles as they have been proven to work best with Windows 7 and XP.


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