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SSD Photo Quiz

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What's wrong with this picture? Give up? I'll tell you...

The Scalextrc Sport Digital set does not come with a start grid piece. In fact, all you get is a single white line on the digital power base half straight, that runs across a couple of the little holes for the lap counter sensors. But... you can't use that to line up your cars because...

...the set also comes with a sheet of paper, an 'Additonal Instruction' that states, "Place the race car no less than 10cm behind the white Finish Line on the digital power base so that all the semi-circular cut-outs in the track rails are ahead of the car. This must be done to ensure correct lap counting."
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QUOTE (CameronCool @ 3 Dec 2004, 22:34)So if the cars cannot be less than 10 cm behind the white line to ensure correct lap counting where will cars 3, 4, 5 and 6 go, or will they just have incorrect lap counting?

They must be at least 10cm behind the line. Further than 10cm is fine. The lap will get counted when they pass the finish line marked on the digital power base 1/2 straight.
QUOTE (darainbow @ 3 Dec 2004, 22:39)Whats the problem?? Maybe the picture isnt accurate, but you could set up a starting grid a little farther back.

I don' t have a starting grid. One is neither included nor available.

Note that the picture also shows cars lined up right over the lap counter sensors. I think this is just further evidence that it was rushed to market. If the cars need to be at least 10cm behind the sensors they should have put the line 10cm behind the sensors. Clearly they goofed and had to print an addendum to the manual at the last minute.

Its nothing major, but for $250 I expect a better OOB experience.
QUOTE (darainbow @ 4 Dec 2004, 18:08)QUOTE (SWoRd @ 4 Dec 2004, 17:21)A more appropriate way would be to sense the throttle position for false start detection. That way the cars furthest from the sensors won't get away with false starts. Maybe it's already done that way? ... I don't know because my digital sets haven't arrived yet

Best regards

Carrera detects the throttle position for false starts. Im pretty sure scalectric does it this way too.

Yes it does. A false start is given if you squeeze the trigger before the green light. Even if your car doesn't move
This is the obvious and correct way to do it IMHO.

I've been having a lot of fun playing SSD's ARcaDe mode with my lone Skoda Fabia digital conversion (for lack of imagination, and because I never had driven it before, I extended the digital layout into Scalextric's #4 plan). Today I tried lining the car up at the white line and the system cut power before I had completed a lap, so clearly you have to be away from those sensors when you start.

A starting grid is a neccessity for a digital race, no? With more than 2 cars on a 2 lane track qualifiers will have to be run to determine grid position. All moot if there is no bloomin' grid in the first place!
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QUOTE (darainbow @ 5 Dec 2004, 00:35)Paint? Tape? If you are opening and converting cars, surely this is within your abilty.

Ignoring your condescending tone...
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