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based on the many inspirations out of this forum and the "Show me you curves" threads some days ago, I would like to show you some of my pit-lane layout ideas I have built. These layouts are especially useful for those slotters which are playing on varying SSD track layouts, like me
One condition is and was to avoid any cut of track pieces and to have the possibility to build a pit-wall.

Maybe there are already some threads like this, but I don't have found any so far.

First, an information (maybe already well-known), which is very useful to design a pit-lane: the length in grid of a "s-shaped" (or "reverse s-shaped") double-curve of two single R3 curved track pieces is quite exact the same as four short straights or one short straight + one bridge track-piece.

So, with 8 short track pieces a simple pit-lane can be built without cutting or bending the track including to have space for a pit-wall. In addition and IMHO the short track pieces can be (should be) placed between the start grid pieces.

Of course the whole pit-lane can be extended in half-straight steps as you like. The pictures should show the general ideas only.
By the way: the distance between main track and pit-lane is exact the width of a half-straight border ... 6,5cm. Since the FLY pit-walls are no longer available, I think about to build a modular pit-wall which can be used in almost all in these layouts

Now I built some different straight pit-lane layouts with no or very slight bending:

Some pit-lanes with curved entry from different angles. Here I omit the borders to concentrate on the general idea:

By rotation and/or mirroring you will get the layout with a "curved exit", which is sometimes necessary based on the space you have available. As seen here too: there is no cut of a track piece needed, and bending the track (if any) is very very slight.

If you like you can place your pit-lane layouts here, so maybe we will get a nice library of pit-lanes.

Best regards, René
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