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Wonderful topic on pit-lanes. It helps a lot for people who are new to digital racing such as myself and have limited experiences with pit-lanes. I love the concept, and now I never want to go back. I have a couple of questions tho.

I heard somewhere that having a pit-lane entry before sf-line and exit after sf-line would be difficult? What is the problems? From what I can see, the racing software I have tried compensates for it. Is it the timing that people are worried about or counting of laps?

And then I wonder a bit about "pre-pit" build. Most people seem to feel that there absolutly should be a straight LC just before pit-entry, with all constraints and recommendations of "normal straights" around it. With the pit-lane, the sf-line and the XLC´s, that´s one heck of a straight that eats up space. Isn´t it good enough to simple have a suitable LC a little ahead? The straight before... or... the curve before?

Then about identifying cars. I dont see it as ever being possible with standard Scalextric SSD since the Lane Changers do not communicate in any way at all with the powerbase, the race management system or for that matter, the cars. But it´s nice to know that Scorpius or O2 might support it. But what about a mod? Has anyone attempted this and actually produced something usable?

In theory it shouldn´t be too hard to read the LED of the car and identify the Id of the car. And seriously, a wireless Xbee that contains enough computational power to handle this simple task costs like €3 today and can be hooked up to the Race Management system wirelessly or programmed from start on how to handle the solenoids to switch lanes. What´s the problem? Shouldn´t we make a serious attempt to finally get a general mod out there that can actually read our cars and switch a lane?

Or is it copyright and patents that we are worried about? Will Scalextric´s security department pay me a visit late at night if i decide to do it?

// Micke
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