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I have been hearing from a lot of SSD users that the overload feature is somehow there fault. I hear things like my son wasn't careful when he put the car back on the track and caused an overload. Why should anyone have to do something perfect to keep from loosing all timing and scoring. No system should be that touchy. Other users have said you have to have the braid set just right. These digital sets are supposed to be about fun. Not doing everything just right to be able to complete a 5 minute race. I think Scalextric should have sent these sets out to testers and gained feedback about the system before putting it into production and what kind of faith is Scalextric showing there customers by only offering a 90 day warranty on a product that still has a lot of issues to be worked out. I agree all the systems have some problems but at least SCX and Carrera offer 2 year warranties. That tells me that they plan on getting any problems worked out while keeping the customer's initial investment protected at the same time.

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