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· Soren Winkler Rasmussen
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QUOTE (Xlot @ 9 Jan 2005, 21:24)Now, let's see if Søren confirms it, but my understanding is that if you place an analog car on DCC the effect is the same as if you had a stalled rotor - current is only limited by arm resistance - lights don't careThat would also be my best guess, although I don't know the electronic components in an SCX car ... I'm assuming that it's just the motor, and perhaps a small circuit for the head lights?.

This should present a start load of somewhere between 1 and 2 ampere, depending on the motor. IMO that shouldn't be a problem for the power base. I would expect the car motor to overheat before the power base.

It's also very strange that the power base died 5 minutes after the car was taken off the track???. If it was an overload caused by the car, I would expect the power base to die when the car was on the track.

This is a very strange situation ... I can't explain why a power base would suddently fail after it have had no load at all for 5 minutes??? ... it ought to be cool, calm and collected.

· Brian Ferguson
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QUOTE the unit made a buzzing sound until it gave up the ghost.

Just a wild guess, but perhaps a component had already failed after the Dome was on track (hence the buzzing sound), and it was a further few minutes before something catastrophic happened?
As I said... just a wild guess...
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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