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Bang on Greg.

We tried this a while back. A car running a roughly 80% speed lasted 12 laps of my track. A car with the same settings running as flat out as possible only lasted 10 laps of the track. Very rough figures but yes - the harder you squeeze that throttle the more fuel you burn and it's a logarithmic curve pretty much like real life fuel consumption.

And in a field of 6 over a 30 lap race the smoother, steadier 80% driver wins. It would be the other way around on a less twisty track.

If you have identical cars them limiting power will result in maximum fuel burn at 60% power applied not 100%. If you had two different cars and used the power limit to match them for speed it would be a completely relevant model.

As you are using similar cars then Greg's advice is spot on - you need to reduce the rate at which that car burns fuel. You can also increase the rate at which a tank fills up by the way.

On my track I have 2 R1 hairpins and I set throttle limits at 65% so little kids can only come off at the hairpins and nowhere else. For an adult I would be tempted to limit them to no less than 80% otherwise they will never learn to go fast.

You might consider giving your inexperienced drivers 90% power and a little more magnet and/or slightly grippier tyres.

I have a couple of sets of 6 evenly matched cars and would be tempted to introduce a novice by giving them full power with a little more magnet and urethane tyres whilst making the rest drive on standard rubber. When they get used to it - take out the extra magnet and a little later give everybody else urethanes as well!
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