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SSDC Pace Cars Not Doing Anything

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Hi please help

Finally got everything set up and running but...

Newest version of APB firmware for 7042
Newest version of SSDC

I read the SSDC manual

I watched the video for setting fixed throttle pace cars.

I followed the steps.

The pace cars will not move. Nothing happens when i click the free practice and then the run pace cars in free practice. They should take off. They don't do anything. Start speed at 40, pace driver box checked. Car, Driver, Track all assigned.

They do not move.

I can race a non pace car with no problems. In fact, when i have pace car set up and controller plugged in it controls the pace car even when its in pace mode.

Im on windows xp 64 bit OS

Help anyoone?

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Seems this issue was already brought up with Andrew Wallace looking into it. If anyone has this problem read this thread:
Resurrecting an old thread with new information here...

So I got my SSD going again after our move. Reformatted my hard drive and installed 32 bit XP. My computer easily meets the minimum specs. I have the latest updates of SSDC and all firmware for c7042 and pit pro.

Pace cars would no longer work, even using the "button clicking around" method that used to work before.

Until I discovered something.

I now have to set up the pace cars and then I actually DRIVE one using the controller (pacer car box unchecked) and then WHILE DRIVING IT I CHECK THE PACE CAR BOX and voila! It works.

Pain in the rear but whatever right?

Does anyone know if Andrew has addressed why there are so many issues getting the cars going? I just can't shell out the money for SSDC until that's resolved and I no longer have to do this.

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Also, have you ID'd each car first? Be sure you do that.

Put one car on the track at a time. It can be the ONLY car on the track.

Click the colored box you want that car ID'd to in the SSDC interface.

Remove car.

Put on next car.


That may be why only ID 2 was working. If you had all the cars on the track and clicked the ID two box (forgot what color it is) then it may have set all the cars to ID 2?

Anyways, one more thing... you said before that you had unplugged the controllers for pace cars. With SSDC you don't need to do this. Just leave them all plugged in. I'm not sure it "hurts' if you unplug them but just leave em in.

I've had a slew of other problems now too. Driver names/images not displaying, or randomly disappearing, all kinds of bugs.

Am going to go down to the previous versions as I've heard that can "fix" things and just use that.

Good Luck
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