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SSDC Pace Cars Not Doing Anything

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Hi please help

Finally got everything set up and running but...

Newest version of APB firmware for 7042
Newest version of SSDC

I read the SSDC manual

I watched the video for setting fixed throttle pace cars.

I followed the steps.

The pace cars will not move. Nothing happens when i click the free practice and then the run pace cars in free practice. They should take off. They don't do anything. Start speed at 40, pace driver box checked. Car, Driver, Track all assigned.

They do not move.

I can race a non pace car with no problems. In fact, when i have pace car set up and controller plugged in it controls the pace car even when its in pace mode.

Im on windows xp 64 bit OS

Help anyoone?

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How odd!!!

I got my cable this week and downloaded SSDC today but couldn't get Pace cars to move. Whenever I set a driver to the appropriate ID the car stays there and will not move nor will it respond if I plug in the controller. I will now go and try your suggestion and post back.

Only once, but I managed to get the Pace function to work on ID2 but unchecking the Pace Driver box then driving the car round then (while still applying throttle) I checked the Pace Driver box and then pulled out the controller cable and it worked. I could speed it up and down with SSDC and the 'Free Practice' button either switched the Pace car on or off. However I couldn't get any other car to work and now I can get the original ID2 car to work either..

So thanks for the tip, it worked for a little while for me. Perhaps you can describe you exact steps? I noted that the option to run pace cars during practice had no effect?

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So just had some more luck - based on the previous helpful advice

1. APB On
2. SSDC started
3. Create new race
4. Put car on track and plug in controller (car will go as SSDC is in free practice)
5. Enable the 'Run Pace Cars in Practice' option
5. I have a driver with Pace Function enabled.
6. Drag driver 'Pacer' over to Race Manager and ID1
7. Car still operates on controller
8. Press the Free Practice button car stops
9. Press the Free Practice button (again)

While still applying throttle:

10. Uncheck the 'Pace Driver' function
12. Re-check 'Pace Driver' function
13. Pull out controller cable

Car should now be a pace car

I need to test again but go to go and see wife.

cheers for the help sadi...
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