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Can anyone help me with this, I have approx 145 ft track that takes about 14 sec to complete, my pit is before the start/finish line and it takes approx 11 sec to get to the pit entry
I dont want the pace cars going into the pits for obvious reasons. What should I set the pit entrance min/max to so the pace cars won't change lanes after 11 sec.
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It is down to where your lane changers are, if the pit entrance is 11 secs after the start, but just after a lane changer. The timing is going to be critical, but if the preceding lane changer is say 8 sec after the start, you could set the min time to 9 secs.

The max time is also relavent if there are any LCs after the pit entrance, if there are none before the start then it is not critical, so you could go for your laptime of about 14 secs.

If all else fails a stopwatch and trial and error help !

I have a short circuit with 2 LCs, one near the pit entrance. I set SSDC to only allow the cars to change lanes on the first LC.

Hope this helps, if not please ask.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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