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I recently picked up the new C7042 power base and I'm thinking of modifying my old C7030 power base for pit lane detection.

I currently have a non-sensing pit lane and C7042. With my current setup refueling is enabled during track call stops which is a bit annoying. During race day we need to try to use the honor system so that everyone in the pits stops refueling during track calls. I'm thinking of going back to my C7030 w/ PBPro and Simple H and an older version of SSDC. With that setup refueling was disabled during track call stops.

Can anyone confirm whether refueling is enabled during track call stops when using a modified C7030 for pit detection?

Prof I T
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if you use the C7030 for pitlane detection you will only be able to re fuel in the pitlane and not during a track call..that is the beauty of having a proper pitlane.

The old pb is a good way of doing this as it is more reliable in sensing and the slot-it guides will not clout the optical sensor.

Some do not like the look of pit pro either.

Greg Gaub
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The cool part is that you can also use it for off-track car ID. If you're going to the trouble of modding it for in/out sensing, and you'll need to remove the power from that base to those tracks anyway, why not re-route that power to an isolated piece of track or two? Do the full "PB split" and extend the sensors out away from the PB itself so you can have the base handy for controlling CAR IDs, while it's still sending in/out data to SSDC.
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