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SSDC V5 Endurance Settings

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Hi SSDC Users

Had a strange experience tonight

We decided to run a DAYTON 500 NASCAR Race

Now as SSDC only goes up to 999 laps we couldn't do a scale 500 miles as that would have been 1650 laps

So we decided to run a timed race and see how many laps we could clock up

The SSDC was set to 120 on the timer but the ace stopped after 1hr 20mins

Upon further checking SSDC counts in 100's so you get the following

60 on SSDC = 1hr race
90 on SSDC = 1hr 30 min race
100 on SSDC = 1hr race

We are using the PBPro SH with the latest SSDC version is this just a little bug Andy ?

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So that means you can have a 9:59 race but the next is 11:00 up to 11:39 and the next is 12:40 etc. with the longest being 16:39 i.e 999 minutes.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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