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Your explanation is pretty accurate. The three variables for the throttle are:
1 - the mid point throttle position. i.e. when the throttle is at half of its travel, what speed do you want to have for your car. For F1's this is going to be lower than for a mini. The min speed value is 0 and the max speed value is 63. I limit the range that you can pick for this to the 10-40 range so that you can't end up with an impossible throttle response curve!
2 - the throttle slope. i.e. how much change do you want either side of this mid point? 0.5 is very close to flat and 3 is very close to a linear throttle response. Depending on where the mid point is (high or low) and how flat the mid section is will determine the speed of response at the ends of the curve. Flat mid section also means steep curve ends.
3 - the throttle max. i.e. when the throttle is fully depressed, do you want full speed (63) or slightly less. The range can bring the car speed down to 50, which is 80% of its max potential.
Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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