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I have just bought the C7071 (Pit lane game) that I have put into my full digtal Scalextric trac where I have the C7042 controller and pit lane C7014.

My problem is that the SSDC ver. 5 (lates) version will not see the C7071, so I cannot let SSDC say that someone have gone into the pit.

Any assistance would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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you dont say if you have had the pit lane game re-formatted to run in pitpro spec,this needs to be done and connected upto a usb outlet on your computer with the correct cable wich can be purchased from rikorocket on this forum..

If you already have the above then it is just a case of selecting the right com port,mine runs comm port #8 for apb and #5 for pitpro but aeach setup seems to differ on the numbers front.
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