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Hi Guys some help please
I now think my friends are up for a proper race night not.
So this is what I have done in SSDC.
opened New event called it: 911 cup
clicked add new race called it: practice then drop down box :Qualify then 20mins ok.(give them a chance)
then add 4 cars 911 and 4 drivers ok
Then use Event wizard tick boxes same cars and drivers and that gave me 4 heats/races
which I named Grand Prix 60 laps done ok.
Will this work
First Q: How do the points work?
2nd Q: will I have to delete the first Qualify race when finished so it wont add points to rest of races/heats?
Then if this works can I set up another event say DTM's /BTCC the same way?
and will it add the points or keep them separate?
regards ade.

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Hi Ade Sorry missed this the other day

Everthing you have done seem good to me

Yes you will HAVE TO DELETE the qual race for it NOT to count or add it in another series that you have created unless you have set it to endurance and the other one to GP then just set all endurance points to 0

For the points high light the series you want to edit points for then click the calculator box and change the points as you require for what ever series you want

Hope that helps


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Hi Michael
thanks. is there a way to set up using event wizard to pick the Id's
Ive got 4 drivers but want to use Id 1,2,4,6 cause of cars am using.
but it only picks the first 4 Id's is that it ??
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