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Could you tell me if am setting this up wrong.
After a race I check the data lap times/fuel and the colours dont match the system colours
I have for drivers, is there someway to match them?
cheers ade.
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Ade ....

if you go into Tools -- Options -- Display

Do you have the Leaderboard Colours ticked as Driver??
Right ...... the colours you get will be whatever you have defined in the drop-down boxes on the right of the screen ie one of Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange (Yay), White or Green for each driver.
Sorry Ade.

This looks as though it might be a "feature" and will require Andrew to have a look. It would appear that when the data is being saved under the default colours and I am pretty sure that Red is the default colour of ID 1.

What colour do you get if you race as ID2??
Are you sure your monitor is working properly??
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1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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