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At Southend Slot Racing club we raced a new class a few weeks ago, 'American Iron', rules are below -

Any US saloon car up to 1969

Car must be a scale representation of a real vehicle up to 1969 (no thingies or handling bodies)

Hard bodies only, either vintage slot bodies, or model kits. No modern slot or resin bodies please.

Cars must be decorated with a race livery (made up ones are fine)

All running hardware must be pre 72

Any commercial in line chassis, no moving part other than drop arm

Tyre width Max 12mm

Tyre diametre minimum 22mm

Ground clearance 2mm under the chassis.

Standard motors only, no rewinds, no C cans

Rubber or Ortmann tyres. No silicone, foam, sponge, no additives.

I've been on holiday so posting this has been delayed... Anyway below are some pictures.

Most people use Dynamic chassis with various motors, mainly 26 and 36D's.

Car Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Wheel

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

As you can see some cars are unfinished but it's a new class so I think that is allowed for now!

Any questions please ask and myself or another SSRC member will answer




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Yes, it piqued my interest too as there are a couple of tanks in there I like the look of, but sadly it's 1/24th .
That do look great Pete, bet the racing is very close with more than a little paint swapping. .......

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